Thursday, February 16, 2012

Health "Expert" Calls For Global Regulation of Alcohol

First the fanatic Neo Bishops of Counter Do Gooderism came for our individual sovereignty via the FCTC. The WHO has been astoundingly successful in its efforts to admonish nation states of their autonomy. The worldwide anti-tobacco "laws" that result come courtesy of un-elected bureaucrats with no identifiable face or tangible constituency.

As many of us in the blogosphere have have been saying all along, the anti-tobacco establishment will soon prove to be the catalyst for increasing restrictions upon private behavior, which will be enforced via more government snooping and prodding into ALL of our lives. It won't just be the smokers anymore. We no longer need to convince the general public of this inevitability, for now their objective is now out in the open for all to see.

Far from prohibition, the WHO regulations would force nations to strengthen weak drinking laws and better enforce laws already in place, Sridhar says.

Deadly Alcohol Needs Global Regulation, Health Expert Says

As I've always said: This is about a lot more than smoking.....or drinking..


  1. Health "Expert" Calls For Global Restrictions on Freedom of Choice.

    There, fixed the headline for you. Will the non-smokers wake up, will the non-drinkers wake up before their own choices are taken from them, all under the guise of 'protecting their health'. I'm not holding my breath.

  2. I think that your headline is quite appropriate Paul. I'm not holding my breath either.


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