Monday, February 27, 2012

For Those Of Us In Need Of A Good Laugh...

Thanks to Forces International for posting this on their news page-

Eventually, I stopped running. This occurred at just about the same time I started limping. (But long after I started aching and moaning.) After attempting to cope with a slew of injuries -- including runner's knee, runner's heel and runner's thumb -- I wisely concluded that running is an evil pursuit spawned by power-hungry podiatrists and greedy shoe manufacturers.

Lol!! The same thing happened to me! I'm being totally serious. I used to run 5 miles, two to three times a week (and on one occasion, I proudly ran a 7 mile stretch); that was until I too began to limp around like an injured bird. Then, all of a sudden, there was this new and unfamiliar pain in my heels...even with the "right" shoes. I have no idea what "runner's thumb is though:-)

Life is stressful, and sometimes we are all in need of a good laugh. This satirical commentary will put a much needed smile on your face.

Second-hand running can really get you down | Columnists | News | London Free Press

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