Monday, January 16, 2012

L.A. Pot Smokers Thrown Under The Bus?

LAPD Capt. Bill Murphy of the Northeast Division, said he has received a number of complaints over the years from residents and others.

"We get complaints about the smells, about teens hanging around to buy the marijuana like they used to do outside liquor stores," Murphy said. "Residents see a problems with people drinking and smoking. We have congestion type issues."

As tobacco smokers, does any of this sound even remotely familiar? Complaints about smells and "congestion" really just amount to code words for: "WE DON'T LIKE YOU AND YOUR KIND AROUND THESE HERE PARTS!"

You see, in the new NSA (Nanny State of America), anyone can shut down your business, take away your livelihood, along with your right to assemble with other like minds if some busy body with connections decides that they just don't like you or your way of life. We tobacco smokers have being attempting to point this out to anyone that would listen for awhile now. We warned that if allowed to fester, it only would get worse. As the forecast emerged, we spoke of the bleak skies up ahead. The death knell for freedom and autonomy was now approaching us all hard and fast with the colossal expansion of the NSA. It would not end at tobacco; it would expand to other areas of people's lives as well.

We tobacco smokers, along with our predictions, have been largely ignored; well, because we're smokers and (as we're lead to believe) many folks today just don't like smoking or smokers. Apparently, minorities don't have the right to speak anymore. Even many pot smokers throw us under the bus, which baffles me to no end. I know, their weed is better than our weed, etc.. Meanwhile there exists a whole lot of people who don't appear to be so fond of them or their lifestyles (medicinal or not) either. So what do we do? We fight amongst each other with comments like: "Tobacco should be banned and marijuana should be legalized." "We should ban alcohol (err,..tried that already)." "Marijuana has medicinal benefits but tobacco/nicotine do not." "There is no medicinal value in Marijuana." "All you potheads are just lazy stoners." Etc...There is plenty of hate and vitriol to go around on all sides.

I kind of feel like we have all been missing the point. Even if medical, or even recreational, marijuana goes from being defacto legal at the state level in some states to becoming "officially" legal at the federal level, under the current NSA climate, you can still lose your right to open up shop. That is what's happening here. The road was paved when the private property rights were taken away from the bar and restaurant owners who wanted to serve a tobacco smoking clientele. Tobacco is legal, you see? Yet tobacco users have been systematically denormalized by discriminatory laws that have been forced upon them/us. You may think that tobacco is bad and that pot is good, but that is NOT the point. The point is that if something is legal, then the users of such substance should have the right to assemble and the right to do business with said product. Those who dislike said environment should simply opt out of patronizing that particular establishment.

Instead of trying to force prohibitions onto others (presumably to elevate our own cause), we should instead work towards (collectively...pun intended) the abolishment of the NSA in its entirety. Of course, in order to take down the beast, we are going to have to work together.

It's a lovely time for tolerance, is it not?

L.A. moves toward ban of medical marijuana dispensaries - LA Daily News


  1. A.g.r.e.e.d

    It mystifies me no end that the legalization of MJ in my state is a big deal yet tobacco smokers are unenployable, uninsurable, unable to find housing, and discriminated against in every imaginable many of the same people who sympathize with and support decriminalized pot.

    The schizophrenia of the public morality knows no bounds.

    I have the perfect solution to all of it:
    Why don't we all just stop minding everyone else's business?

    (is it humanly possible?)


  2. "Why don't we all just stop minding everyone else's business?"

    Now that would just make too much sense!!

  3. A masterpiece of a post there Juliette. I'll never understand the friction between pot and tobacco smokers other than the fact that it plays right into the hands of the antis. We're can't be that pliable as human beings, can we?

    How come you don't have me on your blogroll? I've been fighting the Nanny State at my little ol' site from Cali since 2001. I want to defeat the upcoming California tax initiative and get Ron Paul elected and I need all the eyes and ears I can get. El Smokervoter.

  4. SV-

    "it plays right into the hands of the antis."

    It certainly does.

    "How come you don't have me on your blogroll?"

    I didn't realize that you had one...As you know, life gets hectic and it's not always easy to keep up with everything. I'll link it now:-)

  5. SV-

    BTW, I put your link under "Smoker Links" instead of the blog feed because there is no "feed" attached to your link:-)


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