Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Good News For Both Tobacco and Pot Smokers

Thanks to Bill Gibson for posting this on Facebook via the Forces International page-

Here we have yet another great commentary from Dr. Basham, director of the Democracy Institute and Cato Institute adjunct scholar. Please read:

Public Health’s Inconvenient Truths

At the very least, the growing volume of data confirming that the public health sky is not really falling should bolster both the arguments and the spirits of those who seek, over the long term, to rebalance the regulatory environment away from myth and towards reality.

Hallelujah!! Now can we please bring in the dawn of a new era, where we collectively seek to work together to demand the end of the NS (Nanny State)? I would really like to see a reduced risk cigarette within my lifetime, possibly supplemented with a non-psychoactive cannabinoid ( &/or coupled with other anti-inflammatory/anti-oxidant agents). It would also be a grand day to be able to witness the end of the war on marijuana. It is within the realm of possibilities. Let's make it happen!

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