Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Volusia paramedics fired for smoking - News

Thanks to Harleyrider for posting this on Smoker's Club-

The jobs of three EVAC employees with more than 30 years of combined experience are up in smoke after they were found in violation of the county's nicotine policy, a county spokesman confirmed Saturday.

The Neo-Bishops of Do-gooderism are such nice folks, aren't they? Wowza! What a way to say Happy Holidays! What a way to demonstrate the virtues of loyalty and compassion!!

Volusia paramedics fired for smoking - News


  1. It's hard for me in the UK to figure out what's going on in the USA. Yesterday evening I was watching Eddie Izzard at the Hollywood Bowl on TV. There seemed to be plenty of people smoking - perhaps outside the stadium - I couldn't tell. If I walked down a street in that locale, would I be verbally abused?

  2. Jonathan,

    "If I walked down a street in that locale, would I be verbally abused?"

    Most likely.

  3. BTW, speaking of my dear, former home of Los Angeles..I once had a guy scream at me....from about 40 feet away..on a back patio. Not too long ago, I was also threatened with physical eviction from an outdoor patio at a club that I had been going to for years because the presumably minimum wage paid security/bouncer decided that he didn't want the children (it was an all ages show) to SEE me a bar...OUTSIDE.

    OY. It's madness.

  4. Thanks Juliet. You guessed I meant, "walking down a street smoking a cigarette." Your movie stars don't appear to suffer from their smoking habits being known and photographed. What are the people who shout at smokers in the street thinking when they go to a cinema and know the star is a smoker?

  5. Do they have the lega right to perform such invasive tests...isn't this a civil rights issue?

    Merry Christmas jred.

  6. JJ-

    There are some states that cover smokers under anti-discrimination laws with regards to employment; however, I have no idea or clue as to what the laws are in Florida.

    Merry Christmas to you too JJ:-)

  7. Jonathan-

    "Your movie stars don't appear to suffer from their smoking habits being known and photographed."

    ...Not usually..but, there have been a few attempted show trials in the last couple of years. All of them have virtually failed, and rightfully so. It's the unknown and up and comers who really end up having to deal with the madness/harassment on a daily, and I mean daily, basis unfortunately.

  8. jredheadgirl,

    I wish you'd post more often. You have talent as a blogger.

    And as a photographer? I love your picture. Great photo.

    Altogether promising. Blog woman!


  9. Thanks Gardener1! No, I'm not a photographer. The picture at the top of this page was taken by a couple of filmmaker friends of mine when we were shooting a music video for my band out in the desert.

    I will do my best to post more often. Happy Holidays:-)


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