Saturday, December 31, 2011

An Overlord Reveals His True Agenda

Thanks to Smoker's Club for posting this in their newsletter-

Mayor Todd Strange of Montgomery, Al gushingly reveals his autocratic agenda in a recent statement to Montgomery Advertiser journalist Matt Okarmus in which he states that it is fully acceptable for a government elected official to take part in the forced behavioral modification of his own citizens. In doing so, he has thus revealed to us all the true Machiavellian nature of the modern anti-smoking (er..eugenics) movement. Of course, many of us in the blogosphere have known all along where the trajectory of anti-smoker vitriol was headed. No one believed us. Maybe they will now. What a dangerous precedent this sets for freedom and individual autonomy. Is anyone out there paying attention?

"Our goal is to modify behavior,"

Montgomery ban on tobacco use on city property takes effect Jan. 1

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