Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Not enough evidence to link smoking and lung cancer

Lord have mercy...This ruling is sure to bring about the dawn of WWIII.

‘There isn’t enough evidence proving that serious defects exist in the design and manufacturing of cigarette products,’ the court said.

Tobacco Reporter Magazine - News


  1. Link it jred, this is the Korean judge correct.

  2. The link to the article is posted directly above:-)

  3. Apparently smoking causes something worse than lung cancer; it makes your nipples fall off! No joke, that's what the doctor in this article claims:

  4. "Cosmetic surgeries like breast lifts and breast reductions alter the blood flow to these body parts as it is."

    LOL...So I suppose that it's safe to assume that it's SMOKING and not COSMETIC BREAST SURGERY(!) that makes a person's nipples fall off!!