Saturday, December 31, 2011

Gestapo Tactics in California Take Root

More cheery news about the state of California...thanks to Linkup at Smoker's Club for posting this-

“One of our members was choked unconscious and beaten for smoking a cigarette,” Perkins said. “He complied with their orders and they still choked him out.”

God bless America! I am truly scared for our future.

UPDATED: Occupy Smoking Arrest Gets Physical - Crime


  1. I bet the cops spend an inordinate amount of time just polishing their nasty little jack-boots just for that special moment - eh?

    Happy new year jred.

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  3. LOL..I forgot to spell/typo goes my 2nd attempt at a reply:

    I don't know JJ....I have a tremendous amount of respect for police officers that put their lives on the line every day in the line of duty. I also realize, that like any other group or demographic, that most cops are good people. However, there are also a few sour ones amongst the bunch who over-react when given a bit too much power. Unfortunately, many uneducated and aggressive people will take silly and illegal laws like this and use it (as in the case here) as an excuse to abuse people.

    What really bothers me about this story is that it was all over something so trivial...What would have happened if someone really got hurt? ..and all over what? ..and to make matters even worse, the guy (who was arrested and tackled to the ground) is an Iraq veteran who had just recently returned from a tour in Iraq...fighting for the freedom of people 1/2 way across the globe!!

    There are (some) people out there that seem to harbor the intellect of a pea; this is where the real danger comes in with such insidious "laws" such as outdoor smoking bans, etc..

    OY..but, I digress.

    Happy New Year JJ:-)

  4. JJ-BTW, ...just a little something that should make you chuckle:

    Last night I was walking through the French Quarter with my boyfriend and our dog and there was a cop on his motorcycle with a big-ole cigar hanging out of his mouth! Lol..priceless! At that moment I realized that we were no longer in California:-)

  5. Ha ha really could'nt make this up could you?

    I have left a suitable comment on my blog for the antis.


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