Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New Zealand aspires to Australian legislation

"Every effort must be made towards achieving the goal of making our nation smoke-free by 2025," Turia said.

Now I just have to wonder, just how are they planning to achieve their objective of a smoke(er) free society? Anyone in their right mind knows that vice has been around since, well, the BEGINNING OF HUMANITY ITSELF! Something tells me that the Neo-Bishops of Do-gooderism are aware of this as well. They can't be that dense now can they? I am sure that they read history books just like the rest of us; this makes me wonder if there isn't something else much more sinister going on behind the scenes.

They have to just KNOW that a lofty goal such as this is ultimately unachievable in a what is supposed to be a democratic society, which is why they will (if allowed) do everything within their power (and they have a lot of power and money) to turn the "Western" world into one giant amalgamation that consists only of autocratic despots that in turn will be made to answer to one supreme leader in the end. To be sure, this sounds a bit crazy and conspiracy theory-like, but think about the nuttiness of the statement above. Consider this: Even if their is no intent on their part to turn free and democratic states into absolutist hellholes were tyranny reigns supreme, what will inevitably result from such extremist thinking is just that: one giant DICTATORSHIP..most likely strung together by the dictats of big pharma and the WHO, who could give a rats arse, btw, about public health. There is an old quote that comes to mind:

The road to HELL is paved with the best of intentions.

Er, but I still have this cynical feeling that there indeed may be some intent involved, but I've become a pessimist, due largely to my general lack of trust in politicians and the company that they keep.

If I were a non-smoker, I'd start paying attention to the rights and liberties that are being taken away under the guise of "public health". As many of us in the blogosphere have always said, this is about a lot more than smoking. If you're not mad, you're not paying attention.

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