Thursday, October 6, 2011

New Song Inpired by the Anti-smoker Bishops of Do-gooderism!

I don't generally (well, EVER) promote my band on this blog...Oh, but what the hell, this latest single from my band FireBug (produced by Chris Goss)was largely (ok, completely) inspired by the very people that so many of us here in the blogosphere rant about on a regular basis, so I figured that I'd share it all with all of you. I's just one of many songs that have been inspired by the Neo-Bishops of Do-Gooderism. Play it LOUD.

..Hope that you enjoy.

Used To Be


  1. Sorry j, link doesn't work for me, all I get is this:

    "Sorry, the page you were looking for in the blog Jredheadgirl does not exist."

    Got a youtube link to it?

  2. Good song. I listened to it on Facebook earlier, but there's something wrong with the link you've posted here.

    How about posting the lyrics?

    PS. Glad you're enjoying the book. Glad you got it so quickly too.

  3. Getting a:

    Page not found
    Sorry, the page you were looking for in the blog Jredheadgirl does not exist.



  4. Michael, Sorry about was there earlier today when I double checked it. It's there now:-)

  5. Sorry Chris..It's there/here now:-) It's a good idea to post the lyrics..I hadn't thought about that..I'll have to write a reminder/post for myself in the morning to do that:-)

  6. Nisakiman, Again...sorry about was there earlier today. It's there now:-)

  7. Nicely done m'lady! Hope to hear you LIVE someday!


  8. It worked when I tried again last night.

    Good one, nice tight band - I like bluesy rock. When's the European tour? Make sure you include Greece in the itinerary! :¬))

  9. Nisakiman,

    I'm glad that it worked this time... I was going to post the lyrics (per Chris Snowdon's suggestion), but I figured that I kind of missed the boat on drawing attention to this post lol...with the link not working at 1st.

    We were supposed to have a European tour in the Spring, but it appears that that has fallen least for now. It would be great to go to Greece! Thanks for listening:-)


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