Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Update: Downton Smoking Ban Approved by Concord City Council - Concord, CA Patch

Thanks to Audrey Silk for posting this on Facebook-

"There's bigger things to worry about, Mayor ..." said Landon Hathaway, a bar tender at Vinnie's Bar & Grill. "We've been chasing off the same bums for the last seven years, drinking beers ... in front of the bar and behind the bar ... and now you guys are chasing off paying customers who are trying to smoke a cigarette? ..."

Yep, that's what they (code word for special interests and uptight busy bodies) do in California. The state is BROKE, the unemployment rate is the 2ND HIGHEST IN THE NATION, and more Americans are FLEEING CALIFORNIA instead of migrating to California, and politicians have time to worry about SMOKING ?

I suppose that the smoking issue explains a LOT about why this state is in shambles. There's time and money for anti-tobacco campaigns and the overly intrusive regulations that accompany them, but there's NO MONEY FOR THE CRUMBLING SCHOOL INFRASTRUCTURE OR FOR THE DISABLED. Things are getting so bad here that even Governor Brown is not immune to the scourge of criticism that is now emanating from that of even his own political allies.

From Sacramento down to City Hall, California is broken. The austere nature of such over-regulation, such as the new ordinance that bans smoking within a 17 block radius of downtown Concord, serves to issue California residents yet another somber prediction of where the state of the state seems to be headed. The picture looks bleak from here.

Smoke 'em if you got 'em.

Update: Downton Smoking Ban Approved by Concord City Council - Concord, CA Patch


  1. A very disappointing ruling indeed. I live 10 minutes away and liked visiting downtown Concord.

    It appears the powers that be can't outright ban smoking, but they sure can make it nearly impossible to enjoy tobacco.

  2. Back in the late 60s when I was travelling around Asia, I used to sometimes bump into guys from California, and I'd listen enthralled to the tales of freedoms enjoyed in San Francisco. It sounded like a great place, with Haight Ashbury being the epicentre of liberal (with a small "L") free thinking. My, how things change...

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  4. Nisakiman,

    "My, how things change... "

    What an understatement... I'm sure that California was a hell of a lot of fun back in the 60s and the 70s..

    There are at least a few small "l" liberals hanging around, but clearly there aren't enough that exist in this current climate...We sure could use more of them though.

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  6. ...LOl...had to fix a couple of typos..

    Ben, Go ahead and smoke your cigarette. As Audrey Silk so often says: "Pay all of the respect to this law that it deserves." Er...or something like that. In other words: to hell with it. What are they going to do about it, put us in jail? Seriously...Tomorrow, on Oct. 1st, the state of California is releasing 30-40,000 "low-level" offender inmates from our over crowded prisons. Much of the responsibility for looking after these inmates is going to be passed down to the local level. ..And guess what? There are going to be NO jobs for all of these people. No jobs + no $$$ to live in an environment where housing costs a fortune = trouble...+ the over-regulation of small businesses such as restaurants and bars causes more business closures, along with the loss of more jobs (and just forget about the creation of new jobs in such an environment).

    Who the hell is going to have the time to worry about harassing smokers? The state is broke and we have a sh*t storm of joblessness on our hands, which it about to get WORSE. The folks running this state are CLUELESS.

  7. The research Dave Kuneman and I did several years ago indicated that, by a reasonable estimate from the figures we tallied, California's economy has lost on the order of ONE HUNDRED *BILLION* dollars due to its smoking bans. See the Summary in the "Lies" at:

    or the full study at:

    - Michael

  8. Thanks for the info Michael! We sure could have used some of that money for our crumbling infrastructure right about now.

    Everyone (it seems) is pissed off about cuts right now, but yet there seems to be even MORE money available for the anti-smoking/anti-business/anti-free assembly/anti-private property rights campaign(s).

    Yesterday I went downtown to see what was going on with the Occupy Wall Street protests here in L.A....and low and behold..what did I come across..down the street from Disney this time of recession and joblessnes? Massive anti-smoking banners on Grand Avenue that stated something to the sort of: Smoke-free dining Los Angeles, It's the LAW! They were quite fancy signs too...that I imagine must have cost some money...Stimulus $$ maybe? Unbelievable.

  9. Correction: Smoke-free OUTDOOR dining...sorry it's late and I'm falling asleep.


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