Monday, September 12, 2011

Non-smokers flock to Best Smoking Area

Non-smokers flock to Best Smoking Area

Ye Olde Whyte Lyon, a pub in the English county of Kent, last night was awarded the prize for having the Best Smoking Area of any pub in Britain.

Ye Olde Whyte Lyon has a large patio area with a canvas canopy, heaters, and an outside television; as well as a beer garden with a wide range of flowers, trees and plants. The pub provides blankets to customers who wish to stay outside when the weather is chilly.

Jesus...these folks really care about their customers! But, then again it makes total sense because it's the HOSPITALITY industry, and in the hospitality industry one needs lots of happy customers that will return (gleefully) on a regular basis. It is clear that Ye Olde Whyte Lyon pub knows a thing or two about the business of serving people.

Wendy Mannion, joint licensee of Ye Olde Whyte Lyon and a smoker, said: "We didn't want a smoking area that was dark, dingy and smelly, but one that was engineered to be the best with a nice, cosy ambience.

"The smoking area is popular with smokers and non-smokers alike. In fact we reckon that 60 per cent of customers who use the smoking area are non-smokers who want to enjoy the atmosphere."

Ah Ha! There's the proof in the pudding folks! Many non-smokers enjoy the company of smokers (as we enjoy theirs) and could give a rats arse about a smoke-free environment. They are out on the patio (which was built for smokers) as a result of their own free will, right? I don't need some government funded bureaucrat (that has no knowledge of the hospitality industry 1st hand) to spew out garbage about how they know what's better for someone else's restaurant or bar, when clearly that is a LIE. This is all of the proof that I need to ascertain to the fact that anti-smokers are in the minority, a very small minority in fact.

In congratulating the Olde Whyte Lyon, Simon Kirby, who is MP for Brighton Kemptown and who presented the Best Smoking Area award, said he liked the kind of pub that anyone could go to.

I like a pub that makes an effort to appeal to everyone, and that includes adults who choose to smoke.

Ooh!! Holy cannoli....A politician with some sense!! I wish that he'd run for mayor of Los Angeles.

TV chef, Antony Worrall Thompson, who owns The Greyhound pub near Henley-on-Thames and recently created an e-petition calling for a review of the smoking ban, said he knew how important it was to offer customers an attractive facility where they could eat, drink and smoke.

“I congratulate Ye Olde Whyte Lyon, but not every pub has an outdoor area suitable for development,” he pointed out. “The government should review the ban and give licensees the option of having a separate, well-ventilated smoking room indoors.

Exactly. It's not too much to ask for in what is supposed to be a free country.

"We are delighted to support both the Best Smoking Area award at the Great British Pub Awards and the Save Our Pubs & Clubs campaign. Congratulations to Ye Olde Whyte Lyon."

Indeed. Congratulations!


  1. Hmm... I might add the blanket feature to my listings.

  2. Yet another informative and heartening post. I love this blog.

    I don't quite live in Los Angeles but I definitely feel for you as the clampdown on smoking continues with full force there. The next mayoral election might prove even more disastrous to personal rights than the present occupants reign has been. I saw Alex Padilla interviewed and when he was asked if he planned to run when Mayor Tony is done, I think I detected the political code for Yes.

    This guy will ban even thinking about having a smoke and make it a felony to boot. He exemplifies everything that has given California the worldwide reputation of a sunshiney police state full of NuPuritan wackos.

    In my opinion the logical antidote to Padilla would be one Larry Elder. He's got good name recognition, he's a libertarian and I think he would defeat Padilla on personality alone. Padilla is a complete bore on a mission to tax soda, cigarettes and everything else he considers unhealthy to the absolute maximum.

  3. Would love to try this pub out, but you try parking there -just impossible!

  4. "Would love to try this pub out, but you try parking there -just impossible!"

    Imagine that!!! A place that caters to its smoking clientele is popular!! Of course it is:-)

  5. Nice to see at least a few bars still give a **** about their smoking customers, even in this dark anti-smoking era we live in. As much as I ABSOLUTELY PREFER indoor smoking(I don't care what the brainwashed smokers turned anti think), I would absolutely go out of my way to patronize this bar, if I was stuck in a smoker-unfriendly area like Britain.

    I hope one day, that pubs trying to amend the British smoking ban do finally succeed in their goal.

    I would prefer if British restaurants, bars and pubs there had three choices under a theoretical British smoking ban revision: the choice to either be all smoking(and not allow or employ minors inside whatsoever), to have a smoking room(with no minors allowed in that room), or be no smoking throughout. Such a ban works VERY WELL in Georgia, Tennessee, and Arkansas, plus in the city of Indianapolis, and I think it'd work very well in Britain as well.

  6. "I hope one day, that pubs trying to amend the British smoking ban do finally succeed in their goal."

    They time:-)


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