Saturday, September 17, 2011

A local WEHO resident tells it like it is

If there ever was to exist a brilliant op-ed on the issue of smoking bans, it is this one by West Hollywood resident by Sheila Lightfoot.

Democratic hypocrisy and the nanny state

So where will Assembly Speaker Perez go to smoke that cigar in West Hollywood where a tough new outdoor smoking ban is set to take effect on January 1? Bet it will be the exclusive membership-only Soho House where the rich-enough are exempt from WeHo’s smoking ban.

Nailed it.

Anyone surprised that a "progressive" Democratic leader wants us to do what he says, not what he does? The Democrats are increasingly getting it wrong.

Nailed it again.

Do the Nannies hate smokers enough to sacrifice its Russian and LGBT population?

Yep...along with its musicians...

We’re a diverse community that has co-existed successfully for a very long time.

Amen sister!

How long do you think the Sunset Strip would survive if the Nannies were running our longest enduring establishments?

Ms. Land and Mr. Heilman would turn down the music and install jungle gyms at the Whiskey A Go Go to make it more family friendly.

Lord have mercy...she's nailed it again! ....and what a sad day that would be indeed.


  1. I forgot to mention this: Please visit this (started by the author of the article above) site if you live, eat, and/or play in West Hollywood:

    Block the Ban West Hollywood

  2. Hey, Girl... you're the best! Thanks for jumping into this fray. Honored to have you as an ally and thanks for posting this. Actually Scott Schmidt, who ran for Weho city council last March, started Block the Ban. I joined in to work with him as soon as I found his site about a year ago.
    My main goal in the next two weeks is to get a flood of emails to Mayor Pro Tempore Jeff Prang ( His ONE SINGLE VOTE can stop the ban on smokers on Weho Restaurant patios. That's all we need, now... his ONE SINGLE VOTE.
    Many Thanks, Sheila Lightfoot

  3. She really took it to the Nannies, good for her. I can only hope that I'm right in sensing that people have just about had enough of the Nanny State. She most certainly has. I've noticed that the word progressive ends up with double quotes around it more and more these days.

    I would think that West Hollywood would be the last place to gang up on a persecuted minority but apparently not. The hype and hysteria over smoking is sinking in deep with a lot of folks.

    I noticed a certain Sam, commenting in a different local publication there wrote: "Here's What I Know." (whenever I see that I know what's coming) and then led off quoting the Surgeon General. "The report included the line, there is no safe level of smoking, not even one per day." The last part was in italics to drive the point home. That is such a radical and erroneous statement to make. It works on some people though, paranoia strikes deep.

    I went to see the Yardirds (the greatest) at the House of Blues and the non-smoking vibe was the only downer of the night. I didn't know about the patio (or it was closed, I don't recall), so I had to leave the venue and come back in, with the weapons shakedown at the door.

    To party on the Sunset Strip and not smoke at all is unfathomable to anyone who was alive when Steve Stills wrote that song about it.

    There's something happening here, what it is ain't exactly clear. Not even one per day? Give me a freakin' break.

  4. You live in L.A.? How come you have never come out to see my band, lol?

  5. BTW....the HOB always has a (rather nice and comfy) smoking deck out front where one is not subjected to an overbearing security guard when returning. It's one of the reasons that I like playing there.. It's tolerable.

  6. Sheila,

    You're welcome! I only wish that I would have known you I'm working on a letter to J.Prang now...gotta run out for a bit and come back to it later. Talk soon.

  7. I'm about an hour away from LA, out in the citrusy hinterlands of sunny SoCal. I will catch your band sometime for sure. Your music evokes the aforementioned Yardbirds to my ears, which is a very, very good thing.

  8. Thanks SV! ..hope to see you around:-)

  9. I dropped in jred to see your site and it looks great! Love the pic of ya at the front door too!

    Keep up the good fight and dont miss the prohibition show on pbs october 2nd,its a must see for all of us!


    Well back to the trenches!

  10. It's nice to hear from you Harley, and thanks for visiting my blog. The pic was taken out in the desert when we were filming a music video for our band with a couple of our dearest filmmaker friends. I don't have many pics of myself (outside of band stuff), and I had to use that you like it.

    Thanks for the reminder about the PBS Prohibition show. I recall seeing an ad about it (..maybe it was a billboard here in L.A..). I'm sure that it'll be a good one. I've always been a fan of a good documentary.

    I haven't been posting a whole lot on other sites lately..not because I don't want to...well, life is what it is and sometimes there isn't enough time in a day to do everything that you want to. See you in the blogosphere (and at Smoker's Club) soon:-)