Friday, September 30, 2011

Dave Herman an Alleged Victim of Secondhand Marijuana Smoke |

Secondhand cigarette smoke kills. In UFC heavyweight Dave Herman’s (Pictured) case, secondhand marijuana smoke apparently killed his chances at competing in the most star-studded MMA card of 2011.

...and pot smokers thought that they could escape the madness of the anti-smoker church of do-gooderism...

Dave Herman an Alleged Victim of Secondhand Marijuana Smoke |


  1. I still think that pro-legalization of marijuana supporters and proponents of vaporizers, when they cite the SHS Fraud as some sort of "proof" of anything or bad-mouth tobacco in the same tone used by the anti-smoking industry - are just setting themselves up for a long, deep fall - for once tobacco is outlawed - they will be going after marijuana and vapors next, or at the same time. They will all be hanging from the same tree - and it upsets me when in CA for example, people like Tom Ammiano can be in Sacramento promoting legalization of marijuana, while at the same time back in SF he was vindictive toward all smokers and a major mover in making outdoor smoking bans and tobacco retail bans the rule of law. Smoke is smoke is smoke is vapor in the eyes of health fascism. And fascism dictates, there shall be no wisp of smoke or steam in the air that might in the slightest way possibly infer that people have any rights, liberties or freedoms what-so-ever. The idea of smoke or steam in the air as an insurance policy that all other rights, freedoms and liberties are not being abrogated is in a way, more important than pinpointing the SHS Fraud in particular as the reason for placing another form of smoke, steam or vapor over top of it. What in fact happens is the PTB will simply allow these others to continue knocking out the tobacco smokers, until eventually enough are gone, the PTB will come knocking on the door for the marijuana and vapor people next. But that is just my silly belief.

  2. "Smoke is smoke is smoke is vapor in the eyes of health fascism."

    So true....and once marijuana is truly legalized and taxed, there will be a plethora of bureaucrats looking for a large chunk of that $$ so that they can come up with studies to prove how "dangerous" marijuana smoke (and vapors) is to the people around them....even to anyone who might "see" someone indulging in ganja. There has been a divide and conquer approach amongst some (a small faction)in the pro-legalization camp, which causes me to question the sincerity of people like Tom Ammiano. If he was smart, he'd realize that (roughly) 1/2 of marijuana smokers are also tobacco smokers; also, many tobacco smokers (that don't partake in the other weed) now have a defacto vendetta against pot users, which most likely reared its head at the box ballot box when California attempted to pass prop 19.

    There has been something that has been pulling at my curiosity for awhile now. It may seem outlandish, but somehow I wonder if some of these anti-smoking "ordinances" aren't somehow tied to the fear of seeing folks smoke marijuana out in the open. Think about it: As we come closer to legalization in many places, we are also approaching the day (as we are already seeing here in Cali) where it may become common place to see (and smell) people smoking joints, say out on a cafe patio somewhere on Main Street America. Oh no, the do-gooders will not have any of that. The Neo-bishops of Do-gooderism are scared to death of the day where pot smokers claim equal rights with that of tobacco smokers. Then they, as well as us, will be ubiquitous!! Hence, they HAVE to find a way to stop the "drug culture" from the 60s/70s from approaching its final destination. So, what do the prohibitionists do? They divide and conquer. They take away the right to assemble from tobacco smokers, so that pot users will never get that right. There has already been a movement here in California to enable cities to ban dispensaries outright ....Just a little something that I've been wondering about...

    Indeed,when we don't stand together, we all hang together...eventually.


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