Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ban on vaping in planes

The Obama administration yesterday proposed banning the use of electronic cigarettes on airline flights, saying there was concern the products might be harmful, according to a story by Joan Lowy for Associated Press

I get it. The Obama administration doesn't approve of anything that looks like smoking, even thought it's not smoking because it hurts the bottom line of his crony buddies in the pharmaceutical industry. For the love of common sense, why can't there at least be "vaping sections"? I don't care for e-cigarettes myself, but wouldn't it make sense to try to get more folks to relax when flying the friendly skies? Isn't life and traveling already stressful enough?

With that said, I do believe that the electronic cigarette industry had this coming to it. Why? Because to sell their product, they push all of the 2nd hand smoke propaganda about traditional cigarettes to their prospective customers that they can. Nevermind if it's all bullsh*t; they just echo every sentiment of the most ardent anti-smoker and use it to their own advantage. Now the anti-smoking establishment is setting its eyes on YOU! Get ready for all sorts of outlandish claims put forth by overzealous bureaucrats and the media that follows their every word. We tobacco smokers could have warned you, but you threw us under the bus.

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