Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Prevention to become a collective responsibility

Tobacco Reporter Magazine - News

The court partially agreed with drug maker, Pfizer, which wanted its Champix (or Chantrix) medication included in the list of medicines reimbursed by basic insurance.

Lord have mercy. Isn't this the drug that makes people go MAD?

This would be putting all types of behaviour under state control.

This screams totalitarian rule and collusion with the drug industry more than it screams out "we care about you health". What the hell is going on in Switzerland? Ah, but it's no better here in the U.S.. The question should be: What the hell is happening to the "free" world? There appears to be an insidious danger lurking about in the courthouses, legislatures, and cabinets of far too many U.N. signatory nations, that for so long have prided themselves on their records of being "free".

Freedom is to be damned now under this new collectivist notion of "health". Never mind that this current trend will eventually fail, largely due to its own oppressive and relativistic measures of resolving to force in achieving its objective(s), but not before wreaking havoc on the health and freedom of free and sovereign citizens around the globe.

It all started with tobacco "control". The word control should have been enough to scare the begeebees out of your non-smoking aunt or uncle who wouldn't let you smoke inside at that holiday dinner. They, after all, believed all of the hype about the evil and perilous effects of 2nd hand smoke. They really believed that they were receiving the truth and that the government and pharmaceutical backed anti-tobacco movement was truly about health. But now that same aunt or uncle may be scratching his or her head when the FDA comes to snuff out that alternative cancer treatment that's proven to be effective for so many, young and old alike.

What happens when they come for your garden or your farmer's market? What about supplements and vitamins, they're not going to go after those, right?? Will you then believe those of us who have been trying to expose the lies about 2nd hand smoke that have been perpetrated against us via the pharmaceutical backed media? Will you finally believe us when we say that the anti-smoker campaigns have never been about health, but about the control of people and a market? How long will it take for you to see that you have opened (via complacency) the floodgates to have your own freedoms taken away?

Do you like organic foods or alternative health therapies? They'll be coming for you next; in fact, they already are. Don't worry, they have pills for that anger that you'll be feeling when they raid your raw milk co-op. The FDA here in America says that raw milk is "bad" for your health you see. You may have a different view on the matter, but guess what? Your "health" is a "collective" issue now, and collectivism by force does not allow for individuality and personal choice. You have to be like everybody else now. Isn't that just lovely?

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