Wednesday, August 31, 2011 | A year on, smoking ban still flouted

Thanks to Audrey Silk for posting this on Facebook-

A year since the introduction of a blanket ban on smoking in public places, businesses and smokers alike continue to flagrantly flout the law, according to statistics released on Tuesday by the Center for Infectious Diseases Control (KEEL), which has been running a telephone hotline informing citizens about the restrictions.

Good for the Greeks. | A year on, smoking ban still flouted


  1. I love the Greeks. Other expats here get all pursed-lipped and hoity-toity about the fact that they flout the letter of the law. But they are just basically free-spirited. Essentially very honest and law abiding (very little crime here), they have no time for directives that impinge on their personal freedoms for no good reason. Thus you see people riding their bikes / scooters without a helmet, hardly anyone wears a seatbelt, and of course most bars still have ashtrays available on the bar.

    Things which are, or should be, personal choice: The Powers That Be think they know better than us how we should live our lives, and legislate on them.

    The brainwashed Brits knuckle under and employ an army of jobsworths to police the new laws.

    The Greeks just give it the finger.

    Long live the anarchic system that is Greece.

  2. Nisakiman,

    You're in Greece? I didn't know that..

    "The Greeks just give it the finger."

    We Americans used to be that way...Actually many of us are..the Protect Private Property Rights in Michigan (PPPRM) is a great example:

    They've banned pro-smoking ban politicians from hundreds of restaurants and bars in Michigan! Brilliant!

    ...and in the UK, hundreds of residents turned out to protest an outdoor ban:

    The Greeks still get the medal of honor for standing up for Freedom of Choice..for sure. We should all take note.

    It's not anarchy, it's normal folks like us returning to the rule of law and fairness.