Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Stony Stratford Smoking Ban: Town Council Rejects Bartlett's Proposals

This is what happens when folks get together to grow a collective spine! Congrats to all those who turned out to protest what would have been a draconian ban on smokers' right to assemble.

News - Local News: Stony Stratford (MK11)


  1. I'm super jealous of our fellow British smokers for their stand at Stony Stratford. One of their prominent politicians even showed up to back them up. He admonished "these awful people to get off our backs" in a speech to the crowd. He was photographed having a relaxing smoke on a bench in town. Just imagine that happening in Calabasas.

    Speaking of Calabasas, google the term "listen calabasas" and read about what ex-mayor Groveman, who originally pushed the outdoor ban through, went on to dictate next. It's a great object lesson in the "first they came for the smokers..." narrative. Click on the story about Groveman's Legacy.

  2. We should look towards the things that we do have going for us:

    1) Nevada just overturned its ban on serving food in bars that allow smoking.

    2) The Louisiana legislature just voted down a ban in bars and casinos, thus preventing the loss of many jobs while at the same time preserving some notion of freedom of choice and assembly.

    3) There is some bi-partisan support in Illinois to overturn/amend the ban there.

    4) Our cigar smoking friends over at CRA (Cigar Rights of America) and IPCPR (nternational Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers Association )are kicking some major butt when it comes to fighting bans, no doubt due to their impeccable ability to get organized...right down to the consumer level via cigar shops. We could stand to learn a lot from them. There are a lot of us; we're just scattered everywhere, that's all. If we could somehow bring all of our resources together from all of the various smokers' rights organizations on the web, we could become a real force.

  3. With all of that said.....I think that California is long gone for us. It just keeps getting worse and more extreme. If you're not rich and you're a smoker with no real ties (ie., work, family, etc..) to California and you live in California, get out before it gets worse.

    Oh, and yes..speaking of Calabasas..I have not spent one $$$ there and never will.

  4. I am currently reading one of the posts on Listen Calabasas. This is particularly disturbing:

    "In the context of the new Calabasas Municipal Code, a homeowner that dares to go to Home Depot or Lowe’s to buy and install a light switch or change a faucet without a permit is in violation of the law. That opens the door for the City to inspect any home in search of violations."


  5. That and shutting water and power off to people's homes. What a guy, huh!

    I'm wondering if any of the locals who are now so relieved that he's gone are also reflecting back on his smoking ban 'glory days'. Their lack of foresight in electing him in the first place must be running through at least a few consciences right about now.

  6. "Their lack of foresight in electing him in the first place must be running through at least a few consciences right about now."

    ..Better late than never:-)


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