Saturday, July 16, 2011

» Michigan Next to Cut Cigarette Tax? - Big Government

Thanks to Audrey Silk for posting this on Facebook-

“It is largely a philosophical belief that the government thinks that the consumption of alcohol and tobacco is so bad, but government is so addicted to the revenue,” he said.

“I wasn’t elected to protect what’s in government coffers. I was elected to protect what’s in the pocketbook of my constituents and the people I serve,” he added.

These are words from a politician! Can you believe it? Why can't we have representatives like this in California?

» Michigan Next to Cut Cigarette Tax? - Big Government


  1. I know I'm really late commenting on this post, but I will anyhow.

    I came upon an article by Eric Freedman, a Pulitzer prize-winning, associate professor of journalism at Michigan State University, yada, yada, yada guy. In it he proceeded to sarcastically castigate Senator Hune with an air of highbrow condescension that sent my blood pressure rising.

    He started many of his paragraphs with the time-honored "Maybe he missed..." lead-off, followed with the usual mix of cut-and-paste, half-truthful, scary factoids.

    The one that stood out for it's blatant lunacy was this one and I quote:

    "The U.S. surgeon general estimated Michigan has 2,000 deaths annually from secondhand smoke-caused diseases, making it the second-leading cause of preventable deaths in the state."

    Is he serious? Does he really believe this in his heart of all hearts or reasonable thoughts? This from a journalism teacher?

    So I took a look around myself to fact-check this guys proposition.

    I found out from the latest Michigan state vital stats I could find that there were 5,493 deaths by accidents, homicides and suicides there in 2009. I suppose if you want to get into an esoteric argument about it those three causes aren't entirely preventable. But for those of us who live in Realityville, USA they're infinitely more so than the mythical preventable death cause of secondhand smoke. Furthermore, while those three categories are well-documented, the secondhand smoke stats aren't backed up with any firsthand evidence. Yet there was Mr. Freedman haphazardly throwing this weasel-worded pseudo stat out there for public consumption to prove his point in discrediting the good State Senator Hune.

    Shame on you Eric Freedman.

  2. Indeed. Shame on you Eric Freedman, shame on our Surgeon General, and shame on all of the zealots that feel the need to LIE in order to move their agenda "forward".