Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The fag end of the argument | Rob Lyons | spiked

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The response of those under attack has been to try to point to the evidential weakness of these ideas. But, as Davies’ report illustrates, this response - while important - is quite insufficient in the face of these moral crusades. Smokers have been foolishly thinking that give-and-take, the normal process of sorting out interpersonal relations, would be enough to resolve such disagreements. That sort of sane and sensible response is no use when zealots like ASH are on the march, and every busybody and jobsworth is emboldened by this anti-smoking mania.

....and the zealots are EVERYWHERE too, although I have had a hard time coming across one in my daily life (even here in Los Angeles). Who are these people, and why have they been allowed to become so vile and vitriolic towards smokers? When I look around in everyday life trying to find one of these zealots, I cannot, as most people that I have spoken to (even some of my anti-smoking friends) would never even dream of pushing for an outdoor smoking ban, for example. So where in the hell do these people thrive? Not anywhere in my social circle, that's for sure. They instead hide behind government officials and internet comment boards, where they often "disguise" themselves as "concerned" citizens (well paid ones at that).

I have come to the conclusion that these are the type of folks that don't have any friends or family that smoke, which leads me to this question : How in the world is it possible not to have ANY friends or family that smoke? I mean, they must not, because I couldn't possibly imagine sitting down for Christmas dinner with one of these folks, could you? This leads me to the conclusion/assumption that these people must live in a social bubble where their only true friends are those that either harbor extremist extremist ideologies or those who reside within the inner cabinets of power and social control (ie., our elected representatives). This brings me to one obvious conclusion: They are a very small, but vocal minority. There are a lot more of us than there are of them. Maybe it's time that we call them out on this simple fact.

The fag end of the argument | Rob Lyons | spiked

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