Sunday, July 31, 2011

Smoke to save your joints

Ah, some good news from my favorite doctor:

I always get a kick out of Big Media’s tobacco coverage — they just hate reporting on good news for smokers.

Take the latest story on how tobacco can actually protect your joints and lower your risk of a total joint replacement surgery in your senior years.

Smoke to save your joints

Happy Sunday!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Where Is the WHO Leadership on Hepatitis C Treatment? | Open Society Foundations Blog - OSF

Thanks to Jan Johnson for posting this on Facebook-

What is not mentioned, however, is the urgent need to ensure access to life-saving treatment for people infected, in particular for those living with hepatitis C. While this oversight is undoubtedly related to the prohibitively high price of available treatments, one would have expected a more courageous message from the WHO, including, for instance, a commitment to ensure that affordable treatment is available soon.

Lord have mercy....Why would the WHO work towards providing affordable treatment for hepatitis C sufferers when its interests are clearly coupled with that of the pharmaceutical industry? Why, isn't the answer glaringly obvious? Take a minute of your time to investigate their promotion of smoking bans worldwide (against the wishes of autonomous people everywhere) that are almost always (ok, always) connected to the sale of pharmaceutical gums, patches, and pills to get an idea on why they are not speaking up on behalf of affordable treatment for hepatitis C sufferers. I am starting to believe that the true mission of the WHO is solely based on the acquisition of money and power over that of health and human rights.

Where Is the WHO Leadership on Hepatitis C Treatment? | Open Society Foundations Blog - OSF

IPCPR Supports St. Louis Tobacconists

Thanks to Thomas Bender of Cigar Weekly for posting this on Facebook-

“The levels of secondhand smoke that might cause potential issues to interior air quality are 25,000 times higher than might be found in normal restaurants and bars where smoking is permitted. That’s not just us saying that. It’s the Occupational Safety and Health Administration – OSHA – a division of the United States Department of Labor, which set these standards,” McCalla said.

Well, there you have it: The whole notion that 2nd hand smoke kills is well....CRAP. Oh, but that won't stop the zealots from trying to force more people into their way of living. Attempting to eradicate a whole way of life by force, is anything but healthy behavior for a free society; somehow this absolute truth is completely lost when it comes to the brain functioning capabilities of the anti-smokers amongst us.

CW News

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Anti-smokers are affecting your health

How many times have you heard some schmuck arrogantly say "You're right to freedom ends at my nose", even though they're the ones setting foot upon a privately owned establishment that chooses to allow smoking? Not only are these folks forcefully imposing their will upon us smokers (via government sponsored smoking bans on private property) who choose to assemble amongst ourselves, the constant vilification that has been thrust upon us by the neo-popes of healthism causes many, if not most, of us to encounter levels of stress that are of unacceptable levels on a continuous basis. We choose to smoke, we do not choose to be inflicted by others' 1st hand stress.

How about that? They are affecting our health! Their right to a smoke-free society ends when they are affecting our physical and mental health. Stress kills, 2nd hand smoke does not; both should and could be easily avoidable.

Stress: Constant stress puts your health at risk

The long-term activation of the stress-response system — and the subsequent overexposure to cortisol and other stress hormones — can disrupt almost all your body's processes. This puts you at increased risk of numerous health problems, including:

Heart disease
Sleep problems
Digestive problems
Memory impairment
Worsening of skin conditions, such as eczema

That's why it's so important to learn healthy ways to cope with the stressors in your life.

The moral of the story? Stay away from toxic people. In my mind's eye view, the whole anti-smoking movement is creating a toxic overload on the physical and mental well being of smokers everywhere. We cannot choose to avoid them on a daily basis; that right has been taken away. Oh, and they ought to add cancer to the unwanted list of health maladies that can be incurred from the constant onslaught of stress, as it has been shown that obesity can lead to cancer. Hence, if stress leads to obesity, than it also leads to cancer:

Obesity is now the leading cause of cancer

Obesity is now the leading cause of cancer

The leading cause of cancer these days is obesity, according to The Associated Press, with about 1 in 12 new cases of the disease due to excess weight.

European researchers say that obesity now accounts for up to 8% of cancers on the continent, according to the AP.

"Obesity is catching up at a rate that makes it possible it could become the biggest attributable cause of cancer in women within the next decade," University of Manchester cancer expert Andrew Renehan told the AP.

...And the the pious have the nerve to get on us about smoking?

So in light of this rather "shocking" revelation, I say to every anti-smoker hating bully out there in what appears to be an ever shrinking world: Butt out of my life Bubba, I'm trying to get into a Zen zone and you are preventing me from doing that.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

South Park: Butt Out

Thanks to my friend Kate Sobol for e-mailing this to me!

This is brilliant! Happy Sunday:-)

Representatives from the anti-smoking campaign rap about the dangers of smoking for the children of South Park. For fear of growing up to be giant nerds, the boys decide to take up the nasty habit.

Friday, July 22, 2011

ULM researchers discover fresh tobacco leaves can fight cancer | The News Star |

Thanks to Jake Payne for posting this on Facebook-

"With this discovery, growers can now start producing tobacco for
pharmaceutical use."

Ah, the real motive of the anti-smokers and the medical/pharmaceutical establishment finally comes into the light.

ULM researchers discover fresh tobacco leaves can fight cancer | The News Star |

Former drug-company official to oversee tobacco

The US Food and Drug Administration has named a former senior drug-company official as its new deputy commissioner overseeing much of the agency's operations, including its tobacco operations.

No comment.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Stony Stratford Smoking Ban: Town Council Rejects Bartlett's Proposals

This is what happens when folks get together to grow a collective spine! Congrats to all those who turned out to protest what would have been a draconian ban on smokers' right to assemble.

News - Local News: Stony Stratford (MK11)

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Free Society: Who needs WHO?

Health warnings? Unelected and unaccountable and using unproven evidence – it’s the WHO we should be afraid of.

Amen to that.

The Free Society: Who needs WHO?

Saturday, July 16, 2011

» Michigan Next to Cut Cigarette Tax? - Big Government

Thanks to Audrey Silk for posting this on Facebook-

“It is largely a philosophical belief that the government thinks that the consumption of alcohol and tobacco is so bad, but government is so addicted to the revenue,” he said.

“I wasn’t elected to protect what’s in government coffers. I was elected to protect what’s in the pocketbook of my constituents and the people I serve,” he added.

These are words from a politician! Can you believe it? Why can't we have representatives like this in California?

» Michigan Next to Cut Cigarette Tax? - Big Government

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Yes, I Am a Smoker

The anti-smokers are on a self-righteous crusade and therefore appear to harbor the belief that there can only be "good" or "positive" outputs that result from the extreme measures that are currently taken against the culture of smoking and smokers via years of tax payer funded anti-smoker campaigns . With the full force of the law, anti-smoking lobbyists and politicians have create a new and novel form of "legal" discrimination against an American minority that just so happens to be significantly large in proportion. How can I make such an accusation? I mean, smokers aren't being discriminated against, right? The anti-smoker crusade is only for our own good, right?

The other day I finally received a call for a job interview at a local restaurant (after passing out more than a couple hundred resumes-yes, resumes to work in a bar/restaurant) here in Los Angeles. One of the very first questions asked of me was whether or not I'm a smoker. Of course, being an honest person, I told them yes, I am a smoker of about 5 cigarettes a day (usually at the end of the day).

My interviewer promptly wrote down "smoker" on my resume as if it were some sort of prerequisite to the job. It dawned on me (soon after) that this was an inappropriate question; not only did it have absolutely NOTHING to do with the job that I was applying for, but it also occurred to me that it is none of their damn business what I do on my own time. I mean, are they asking all of their applicants what religion they practice or what they had for dinner last night? Or how about asking all of their prospective employees if they take medical marijuana (..probably in the works) or drink a few beers at night? It also dawned on me that this is the end result of years of government and anti-smoker/NGO sponsored campaigns against smoking and smokers.

The outdoor smoking ban in L.A. (a city with a fluctuating un-employment rate that officially hangs in and around 14%) was a backdoor scheme that was funneled in via Obama's stimulus plan ($$ was specifically given to L.A. for the purpose of expanding smoking/smoker restrictions). Now some restaurants/bars, already hanging on for dear life in this sh*tty economy, appear to be afraid of hiring smokers because the vice police might see one of their workers outside on a smoke brake and receive a fine (and revocation of coveted permits for various things like dancing, allowing alcohol outside, etc..) as a result. Think about that for a second.... This is total madness.

The end result of all of this stupidity is that I did not receive a call back for the job, even though I have tons of experience in the hospitality industry. Hell, I have waited on and worked functions for President Bill Clinton, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Mayor Daley in Chicago, and well, lots of important folks, and I STILL cannot find work. Now my prospects have been diminished even further. Why? Because I'm a smoker.

That's discrimination, government sponsored discrimination, plain and simple. What's really surprising is that this latest wave of anti-smoker hatred has come all the way down from the desk of our very own POTUS, a smoker himself.

To our POTUS and all of the haters that feel that they have a license to discriminate against one of the largest minorities in the U.S. of A, I say to you all: Yes, I'm a smoker and it's none of your damn business.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Smoking and nicotine exposure delay development of collagen-induced arthritis in mice

We demonstrate with this study that smoking not should be considered a direct risk factor for the development of autoimmune arthritis as it delays onset and even slows down the progression of destructive arthritis.

I'm sure that the anti-smokers will try to do everything within their power to make sure that no one hears about this study.

Arthritis Research & Therapy | Full text | Smoking and nicotine exposure delay development of collagen-induced arthritis in mice

Friday, July 8, 2011

Scientists add new dimension to ‘social death’

“Any time you try to say that death is attributable to a single cause, there’s a problem – all deaths are attributable to many causes.

“But what we did is just as valid as what was done to establish smoking as a cause of death.”

Um, I'm confused. Smoking is a cause of death, solely on its own? If one is to believe the 1st statement above, then the correct way to word the 2nd sentence would seem obvious: Smoking can be a contributing factor in death... Or.....There is a correlation between smoking and death, not smoking is the cause of death in all smokers.

Which is it I wonder?

Tobacco Reporter Magazine - News

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Carry an Unlit Cigar | Tobacconist University Blog

And I said, “Oh well, where there is smoke there is fire and you have no right to avoid odor-annoyance”.

Exactly. I don't smoke cigars, but I might have to go out and get one, smoke a bit of it, and carry the rest of it around just to piss off the almighty and pompous do-gooders. Cigarettes break too easily to carry around half smoked:-)

Carry an Unlit Cigar | Tobacconist University Blog

Don't let society scapegoat smokers | Peter Guillam | Comment is free |

Thanks to Guilherme de Matos for posting this on Facebook-

Well, the anti-smoking lobby will say, because it is bad for your health. But why should a culture of health trump one of pleasure or at least comfort? And why, if health is really the issue, should alternative forms of nicotine ingestion, such as vaping, be banned? Unless, of course, health is not really what is at issue at all, and smokers have become an acceptable scapegoat for the moralistic impulses of all societies and the death-denial peculiar to our own.

This is a bloody brilliant commentary from a man who tells is like it IS. Please do read the whole article.

Don't let society scapegoat smokers | Peter Guillam | Comment is free |

New technique identifies arsenic species

“Now for the first time, we are able to identify the exact chemical form of a number of arsenic species found in tobacco and smoke.

“This should allow us a greater understanding of their possible role in smoking-related diseases and potentially help us identify routes for their removal from tobacco and smoke.”

This is quite obviously a good thing. This is why it's so important to have actual tobacco scientists working on such projects...You know...people who actually know a thing or two about tobacco.

..and speaking of arsenic, this caught my attention:

The BAT press note said that heavy metals, such as arsenic, were thought to be absorbed naturally by tobacco plants from soil and atmospheric sources and to transfer to some degree into cigarette smoke.

This would seem to imply that ALL plants are affected by the soil and atmospheric conditions around them. Does this mean that we are also getting a steady supply of arsenic from our food supply as well? If so, then why is it that no one makes a stink about all of the chemicals and heavy metals in our food supply, and why is no doing anything about it? Ah, but there is a least one tobacco company doing (or at least trying) to do something about it. Maybe our food supply will someday become safer as a result of their work in (ironically) seeking out a safer cigarette. I'm sure that they won't get any credit for it though.

Tobacco Reporter Magazine - News

International anti-tobacco conference set for March

Tobacco Reporter Magazine - News

I think that they should find a new name for this conference....something that is a bit more descriptive, like The International Conference on How to Bully Folks That Would Rather Be Left Alone. It wouldn't make for much of an acronym, but it would be a bit closer to the truth at least. Anyone have any better ideas for a name?

Tobacco Reporter Magazine - News

The current level of fines is said by some not to be effective.

Tobacco Reporter Magazine - News

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Report Cites More Evidence of Cardiac Effects From Pfizer Drug Chantix | FairWarning

Pfizer, in a statement, questioned the reliability of the results of the new analysis and said the drug remains “an effective and appropriate treatment option for adult smokers wanting to quit.”

...Lord have mercy...Are these people serious?

Report Cites More Evidence of Cardiac Effects From Pfizer Drug Chantix | FairWarning

YouTube - ‪Bingo And The Smoking Ban,Thanks To The Students At Cardonald Collage Glasgow‬‏

Thanks to Bill Hannegan for e-mailing this to me-

YouTube - ‪Bingo And The Smoking Ban,Thanks To The Students At Cardonald Collage Glasgow‬‏

Antioxidants are put to the test for heart health...and come away champions!

Overall, in the antioxidant group, blood pressure was reduced, large and small artery elasticity increased significantly. HDL cholesterol increased significantly. HbA1C (a measure of high blood sugar) declined significantly. And triglycerides declined…a little.

But I saved the best for last: At the outset of the study, each of the 70 subjects had at least TWO of these cardiovascular risk factors: cigarette smoking, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, low HDL cholesterol, or high triglycerides.

Antioxidants are put to the test for heart health...and come away champions!

VPR News: German Smokers Want 'Health Mafia' To Butt Out

Thanks to Audrey Silk for posting this on Facebook-

"We don't need politicians taking over, and we don't need health fanatics taking over, because I don't do yoga, and I won't," he adds.

Some people do yoga and wheatgrass shots (I do the latter, but not the former), some people drink a little, some drink a lot, some don't drink at all. Some folks eat well, some do not. Some people smoke a lot, some people smoke in moderation (I know, the word moderation with regards to the issue of smoking goes against all of the health-ist religious dogma of late, but I don't care..) and many don't smoke at all and don't care one way or the other whether or not people smoke in a bar or restaurant that caters to a demographic of smokers and tolerant non-smokers. There are all kinds of people in this world and all have the right to live their lives as uniquely as they choose. That is how it is supposed to be in a "free" society. Indeed, the Health Mafia needs to butt out....for the sake of everyone.

VPR News: German Smokers Want 'Health Mafia' To Butt Out

One form of discrimination encouraged

“Tobacco however is a legal product and there is no justification for many of the tobacco control measures currently under consideration. Prohibiting the display of tobacco in shops, banning smoking in outdoor areas, outlawing smoking in private vehicles and even, in some cases, the home, is unnecessarily restrictive and a gross invasion of privacy and civil liberties.

What an understatement. Civil liberties? What civil liberties?

Tobacco Reporter Magazine - News

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The fag end of the argument | Rob Lyons | spiked

Thanks to CAGE Canada for posting this on Facebook-

The response of those under attack has been to try to point to the evidential weakness of these ideas. But, as Davies’ report illustrates, this response - while important - is quite insufficient in the face of these moral crusades. Smokers have been foolishly thinking that give-and-take, the normal process of sorting out interpersonal relations, would be enough to resolve such disagreements. That sort of sane and sensible response is no use when zealots like ASH are on the march, and every busybody and jobsworth is emboldened by this anti-smoking mania.

....and the zealots are EVERYWHERE too, although I have had a hard time coming across one in my daily life (even here in Los Angeles). Who are these people, and why have they been allowed to become so vile and vitriolic towards smokers? When I look around in everyday life trying to find one of these zealots, I cannot, as most people that I have spoken to (even some of my anti-smoking friends) would never even dream of pushing for an outdoor smoking ban, for example. So where in the hell do these people thrive? Not anywhere in my social circle, that's for sure. They instead hide behind government officials and internet comment boards, where they often "disguise" themselves as "concerned" citizens (well paid ones at that).

I have come to the conclusion that these are the type of folks that don't have any friends or family that smoke, which leads me to this question : How in the world is it possible not to have ANY friends or family that smoke? I mean, they must not, because I couldn't possibly imagine sitting down for Christmas dinner with one of these folks, could you? This leads me to the conclusion/assumption that these people must live in a social bubble where their only true friends are those that either harbor extremist extremist ideologies or those who reside within the inner cabinets of power and social control (ie., our elected representatives). This brings me to one obvious conclusion: They are a very small, but vocal minority. There are a lot more of us than there are of them. Maybe it's time that we call them out on this simple fact.

The fag end of the argument | Rob Lyons | spiked

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Anti-smoking drug turns deadly

Now, a new look at the data finds this drug is actually DEADLIER than anyone ever believed — and may be responsible for more than twice as many suicides as previously reported.

Anti-smoking drug turns deadly

Friday, July 1, 2011

CRA - Cigar Rights of America

Please sign this petition, even if you are not a cigar smoker. We all need to work together now.

CRA - Cigar Rights of America