Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pycnogenol in cigarette filters scavenges free radicals and reduces mutagenicity and toxicity of tobacco smoke in vivo.

In this model system, the acute toxicity of cigarette smoke was markedly reduced by up to 70% in rodents with 0.4 mg Pycnogenol in filters. Chronic exposure to cigarette smoke for 75 days revealed that Pycnogenol filters significantly reduced mutagenicity by up to 48% and decreased pathological changes in lung tissue.

Why don't we have cigarettes like this in America? All cigarettes are NOT the same. Some ARE more hazardous than others. If you're a smoker in America, don't expect to get information like this from the FDA, and definitely don't expect to stumble across this type of information in the media either. It's a shame that we cannot trust the people who are supposed to arm us with the scientific truth. Many more people will suffer and die as a result. Just because I smoke (and thus deemed to be a "sinner" as a result) does NOT mean that I do not have the right to reduce my risk from smoking by upwards of 50-70% (or more). To deny smokers of this knowledge is simply criminal in my view. Smoking may be bad, but it's not all equally as bad and we have a right to know the difference.

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