Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Menthol report review criticized by Legacy

‘The evidence is in – from its own well qualified, independent and respected Tobacco Products Scientific Advisory Committee – that a ban on menthol would benefit the public health. Seeking additional peer review now is a redundant measure.

‘There has also been ample opportunity for public input at this stage of the process.

Oh, really? They surely aren't making reference to the actual evidence, which stated that menthol cigarettes are 30% LESS (note: not more) hazardous than non-menthol cigarettes. Um, so banning menthol would be a "boon" to public health just how again?

There are some words that I'd like to use to describe these people that I won't use here.

We are never going to see a safer cigarette with folks like these calling the shots. Who gives them the right to decide who lives or dies, based solely on one's lifestyle choice?

Tobacco Reporter Magazine - News

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