Tuesday, June 28, 2011

FDA independent review on menthol impact

“CTP’s extensive preliminary analysis and evaluation of the available science relating to public health impact of the use of menthol in cigarettes includes a thorough review of scientific literature and data in the areas of chemistry, toxicology, and physiology; patterns of menthol smoking; biomarkers of exposure to toxic constituents; and initiation of cigarette smoking, dependence, and cessation,” the FDA said. (pi)

FDA independent review on menthol impact

Yeah, ok...Nevermind the fact that the actual science has shown us that menthol cigarettes are actually LESS hazardous than non-menthol cigarettes:

Menthol cigarettes no more risky, study suggests

Blot said the team was surprised to find that menthol smokers had a lower risk.

"It was about 30 percent lower," which he said in a telephone interview was "statistically significantly lower." "The hypothesis going in, although it wasn't well supported, was that mentholated might be more toxic."

For the love of God, would somebody please stop these people before they're allowed to do any more damage to the public health of our nation? What do the folks over at the FDA want menthol smokers to do, switch to a cigarette that is MORE toxic? If this doesn't prove that the FDA's regulation of tobacco is based solely on ideology (rather than science) and religious fervor, then I don't know what could. Someone please save us all from the neo Calvinist/puritans.

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