Monday, May 23, 2011

Tobacco Reporter Magazine - News

Well, here it is folks: The latest news from Tobacco Reporter. As usual, it is packed with news that will either make you depressed or optimistic for the future. Optimistic? Well, OK, not really, but look at it this way: The claims (and demands) of the anti-smoker establishment continue to get ever more ludicrous and draconian by the day. There seems to be no shortage of outrageous claims (3rd hand smoke is a health threat to children, 2nd hand smoke "magically" travels through walls, etc..); and their continuous assault on the autonomy and human rights of adult smokers (calls to evict smokers in California, outdoor smoking bans, etc..) worldwide make one think that it can be only a matter of time until this is all over. The more outrageous the claims, the less the public believes; and that is what gives me cause for some optimism. In the meantime, keep fighting the man (ie., the Nanny State).


  1. At some stage the whole edifice of anti-tobacco control nonsense will implode under the sheer weight of its own outlandish claims. These people are now in a desparate loop of upping the ante...this will be their downfall.

    Patience here is a virtue.