Thursday, May 5, 2011

Is the smoking ban to blame for tired pilots? - Klaus K blog

Researchers conclude that nicotine enhances the brain's performance significantly in the areas of speed, focus, attention, working memory and motor skills.

OMG! Nicotine has BENEFITS? can't be.

Is the smoking ban to blame for tired pilots? - Klaus K blog:


  1. Nice post, jredheadgirl :) Please also read:

    "The brain works better when it gets nicotine - almost like an optimized computer. Nicotine is a "work-drug" that enables its consumers to focus better and think faster. The brain also becomes more enduring, especially in smokers: Nicotine experiments show that smokers in prolonged working situations are able to maintain concentration for many hours longer than non-smokers."

    Science is conclusive: Tobacco increases work capacity

  2. Lol...It's just your post re-posted Klaus:-) Nice blog!

  3. Sorry ;) My mistake. Here it is:

  4. I bet you smoke like a chimney jred with all that running around you have to do.

  5. Actually JJ, it's the opposite with me. I smoke very little (although daily)...only about 4-5 a day,,with tar blockers...sometimes a couple more when I'm writing songs or when I'm out at a party or show cutting loose. I've become more like a cigar smoker in the sense that I set aside a special time in the day to relax and have a few and nothing pisses me off more when some do-gooder attempts to invade my little Zen space,lol :-)