Thursday, April 7, 2011

ObamaCare's big bucks - The Hill's Congress Blog

Last year, CPPW sent the County of Los Angeles more than $16 million in tobacco control funds, for programs (and this is CDC language), "encouraging comprehensive smoke-free outdoor air policies." You can be in favor of outdoor smoking bans, yet still realize that a grant to change existing laws smells a lot like lobbying.

There goes the "Democratic" process.....and our tax dollars...

ObamaCare's big bucks - The Hill's Congress Blog


  1. Here is a link to a story reported by a religious website that is strongly anti-abortion whose concern is more about preventing abortion than about fighting tobacco control and misuse of tobacco settlement monies.

    Regardless of their intention for reporting on it, the fact remains, that in Orange County, California, county supervisors took money from the $37,000,000 the county receives yearly from the tobacco master settlement and diverted it directly to Planned Parenthood, a primary provider of abortions.

    And what taking tobacco master settlement funds and using it to pay for abortions has to do with tobacco control, is certainly a mystery to me.

    This mis-use of tobacco master settlement monies for purposes never intended, which this case in Orange County has been uncovered and is probably being repeated clandestinely in other cities and counties throughout the US, then it seems to me that tobacco companies (and consumers) should be relieved from having to provide even another dime to governments, period - and the whole settlement made null and void from here-on.

    It also shows that tobacco control is nothing to do with tobacco control but is everything to do with creating a source of revenue and that tobacco control is thusly - a corrupt thieving sham by governments.

    Orange County Register were apparently the original source that uncovered this scam but I would guess it could be happening elsewhere too, tobacco control money lining many a pocketbook and being mis-used left and right.

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  3. The Tobacco Master Settlement money was supposed to go towards covering the costs of sick smokers. Obviously, that is not what has been happening. Instead, we have become the victims of outright distortion, all the while having no recourse or means of defending ourselves.

    The MSA is/was supposed to be our health insurance policy. That is what we have been paying for, but that is not what we have been getting in return. ...and on top of that, we are pillaged further with additional taxes at the local, state, and federal levels; and STILL no "free", government run health insurance for us. Instead, we get to pay for parks (and golf courses) that we are not welcome in, as well as having to pay for the health insurance for other folk's children (SCHIP), all while saying that we are a bad influence on the children. The fact is that many in our govt are the ones who have become the "bad influence", as they have demonstrated that they have no qualms about behaving like outlaws and thieves.

    One would think that SCOTUS would have at least struck down the MSA by now, based solely on breach of contract, but that has not happened. The Competitive Enterprise Institute recently tried to get this issue (S&M Brands, Inc. v. Caldwell) before SCOTUS and was turned down.
    , though their argument would have been from the perspective that the MSA violates the Commerce Clause (it does). So much for justice, huh? Here is the link:

    To my knowledge though, no one has attempted to challenge the MSA on breach of contract or extortion charges. I can't see how (in a just world) or understand why no one has fought it from this angle.

    ..Thing is...I have no problem paying for my, er..."sins". What I do have a problem with is the lack of return on my investments.I, and other smokers like me, have already paid for whatever illnesses that we may or may not acquire in the future. That money is OURS and to leave out to die is criminal. I could go on, Where's the money for cancer research for smoking-related cancers?


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