Monday, April 11, 2011

Healthcare costs: A less taxing proposal -

Well, here we go...Now the bishops of neo-healthism want to tax the "obese". We smokers have known that it would lead to this, but of course, NO ONE listened to us. Later on in the article below, "justifications" are made for forcing smokers into submission (ie.,government backed bullying, paid for by our tax dollars) via force and higher health-care premiums. As usual, one simple thing is left out of this so-called justification for discrimination: THE TRUTH. Smokers already pay more into the system than they (um, we..) take out; therefore, we should already have "FREE" (ok, it's not really free because we have already paid for it), government sponsored health insurance due to all of the city, state, federal, and de facto MSA taxes that we pay. Hell, we even pay for the health insurance of other people's children via SCHIP. Now, how fair is THAT? How is it that the media does not realize the obvious? Have they not read reports like this one:

Are high taxes on cigarettes justified by the social costs smokers impose on the rest of society? No.

Harvard Professor Kip Viscusi has repeatedly demonstrated that smokers already pay more in excise taxes than the social costs of their habits. Even before the MSA, “excise taxes on cigarettes equal or exceed the medical care costs associated with smoking.” For example, Illinois’ cigarette taxes, according to Viscusi, were $0.13 more per pack than the social costs of smoking before the settlement added $0.40 to the price of a pack of cigarettes, before the $0.40 a pack tax hike approved by the state legislature in 2002, and before Cook County’s $0.82 a pack boost in 2004.

Instead of raising cigarette taxes, simple justice demands that cigarette taxes be reduced to zero. In fact, states should consider taping a dime or a quarter to every pack of cigarettes as a way of thanking smokers for reducing the burden on taxpayers!

So there you have it: Smokers were already paid up in excess of their costs to society BEFORE the MSA...and BEFORE SCHIP...and BEFORE the many tax increases that smokers have been subjected to since the enactment of the MSA. One can only wonder how much (in excess) smokers are paying into the system now that we're well into the 21st century. So much for progress, fairness, and equal protection under the law.

So, with these facts in hand, one has to ask the simplest of questions: Why are smokers subsidizing non-smokers and then told that they are a drain on the system? I don't know about you, but there is a whole lot of BS clogging up that information highway called the media..well, most of it anyway.

Now they're coming for those that are overweight, even those who are deemed to be healthy and unaffected by their weight. How does it feel to realize that YOU could be next in line to become the unwilling recipient of similar forms of discrimination and extortion? Wait till they start diverting your tax dollars into everything else EXCEPT for what the taxes were intended for. Then you'll know what we smokers have been ranting about all along. Then maybe we'll stand together and utilize our collective reasoning and vote the bums out. You know the type(s): Those who want to confiscate what few assets we have, while purporting to know what's better for us than we do ourselves.

Healthcare costs: A less taxing proposal -

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