Wednesday, April 20, 2011

CRA - Cigar Rights of America

Ah, it was a beautiful morning when I woke up today...until I read this latest news from Cigar Rights of America.

If you live in California, please sign the petition. If you don't live in California, tell everyone that you know in California to sign this petition.


CRA - Cigar Rights of America: "PetitionID: California001

California State Senator and Assembly Member Propose Act of Tobacco Prohibition for The Golden State.

In the form of one of the worst pieces of legislation of its kind currently pending in the nation, California State Senator Mark DeSaulniers, D-Walnut Creek, and Assembly Member and Chairman of the Majority Caucus, Jerry Hill, D-San Mateo, have just introduced a sweeping piece of tobacco prohibitionist legislation that seeks to close every existing exemption to enjoying perfectly legal tobacco products in the State of California.

As Senator DeSaulniers takes the lead in introducing Senate Bill 575 it is imperative that every passionate cigar enthusiast and retail tobacconist engage themselves in this legislative battle.

Senate Bill 575 would ban smoking in all retail tobacco businesses, private clubs, hotel lobbies, bars, taverns, banquet rooms, warehouse facilities, and employee break rooms.

And we don't have former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to protect us now with the power of the veto pen.

Senate Bill 575 is currently awaiting committee assignment by the Senate Committee on Rules. Upon assignment, CRA will let you know which committee will be hearing the bill.

Make no mistake, this is a very real threat to your passion for fine cigars. It not only affects the entire state of California, but sets a horrid precedent for the entire nation.

Senate Bill 575 threatens your freedom to enjoy a cigar at your local retail tobacconist and is a direct threat to the livelihood of professional tobacconists across California -- and could spread across the entire nation.

It is time to draw a line in the sand on this type of legislation, and with California being a benchmark state for such legislation, this prohibitionist style of law making needs a direct and passionate response from all in Cigar Nation.


1. Please contact your member of the California Assembly and Senate (search by zip code) and tell them to SAY NO to Senate Bill 575.

2. Please sign the below petition.

CRA Petition - California


  1. Cigar retailers at their smoke lounges are the first to tell you no cigs allowed. So with friends like that, who needs enemies.

  2. You're missing the bigger picture:

    They fight smoking bans (that affect us all).

    They are a lobbying force that gets RESULTS.

    I don't know about you, but my objective is to obtain results. I don't care if cigar smokers (some) detest cigarettes, I care that if we work together, we WIN.

    Let them have their own space. So what if they don't care for cigarettes. How many cigarette smokers do you know that can tolerate cigars? How many places could you smoke/enjoy a cigar in the pre-ban era? All I want is my own space to live out my version of the American dream in relative peace. The only way to achieve this is to stick my view anyway.

    Go CRA!