Tuesday, April 19, 2011


But they discovered that compounds in broccoli re-activate your lung's defense systems...

Hmmm..you learn something new every day:-)



  1. Eating or smoking it? Or, maybe I can stuff some down into the end of an e-cig and vaporize it.

  2. Lol...but..then it would "look" like smoking, and we can't have THAT, now can we?

  3. EZ with an ecig, just hold it the way one holds a microphone clutched vertically wrapped around and hiding it and if someone sees and says something nasty just say it is a medicating health product and that's enough to cause them to think it's all OK then. Once attributable to the words health and pharmaceutical, then nobody dares complain, among the brainwashed loons and morons running loose these days.

  4. That might work for you, but for not for me. The e-cig irritates my throat and my sinuses. Tried it and got a sore throat. Good for you though. Technically, one should be able to smoke (um, vape) an Eclipse (the first vapor cigarette) cigarette anywhere there is a smoking ban. The problem is (of course) is that no one knows about its existence (well, barely anyone)and it "looks" like smoking, much like the e-cig that so irritates the anti-smokers. Apart from it needing a few improvements in the taste department, it could serve to be yet another alternative for many people...There should be many reduced risk products that appeal to the different tastes and needs of smokers on the market by now; that's what's really irritating. Even the harm from combustible products can be reduced drastically, and in some cases by 70%.


    The anti-smokers have been thwarting progress in a major way for the last 30-40 years.


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