Friday, April 8, 2011

BAT sets up new business unit for alternative products

BAT says Nicoventures will develop a range of alternative products that are not cessation products but will offer smokers “much of the experience they expect to get from a cigarette but without the real and serious health risks of smoking”.

If something were to give me the taste and experience much like that of a real cigarette, I would definitely give it a go. It's a shame that the quest for a safer cigarette (along with the quest for safer alternatives) was snuffed (pun intended) out over 30 years ago when the Carter Administration dismantled The Smoking and Health Group of the NCI; but, as they say, better late than never. Of course, I am only speaking on behalf of the prohibitionist movement that continues to reside on my side of the Atlantic; England has its own prohibitionist movement, spawned in great part by its own abstinence only bishop, none other than the rabid anti-smoker Sir George Godber, whose blueprint has become the bible of anti-smokers worldwide.

Despite all previous road blocks of the past and present, it is refreshing to witness the re-birth of the of harm reduction strategy. This is the 21st century after all, and it is time that real progress be made on this issue. Ultimately, the course that we partake in with regards to tobacco and smoking lies not in the hands of the professional tobacco (and nicotine) prohibitionists. No, the road is to be paved by the 1.5 billion smokers that exist worldwide, along with the scientists and companies that understand the need for the revival of a once lost approach that could prove to be the most pragmatic of all.

BAT sets up new business unit for alternative products

So what is this new company Nicoventures all about anyway? On the company site it says:

We want to explore the development of innovative nicotine products that, subject to regulatory approval, will provide smokers with an alternative to cigarettes and a product they actually want to use.

..."a product that they actually want to use." Now that caught my attention. How nice it would be if there were several such products on the market today. Maybe Nicoventures will become a catalyst for other companies to revive their harm reduction strategies; and who knows, maybe some scientist somewhere may actually develop a safe(r) cigarette that uses real tobacco, thus creating a market frenzy that would ultimately put forth many different versions of a safe(r) cigarette. If we can send people to the moon and build space-stations, we can find a solution to the smoking "issue", all while preserving freedom of choice and personal autonomy.

It appears, at least according to Nicoventures, that at least the British government is beginning to understand the importance of harm reduction:

The UK Government’s recently updated public health strategy for England recognises there are many smokers who may not want to quit smoking but who want a safer alternative to cigarettes.

Well, this is news to me, and I certainly hope that it is true. Maybe the U.S. government will also change its tune? It would certainly be a welcome change and a step in the right direction.


  1. Good luck to BAT, but given all the roadblocks being constructed in US, UK and EU to create lies and myths to find some way to ban e-cigs, even snus in the EU, one has to wonder how far along such research would get, not because it wouldn't be possible or practical, but the current politics of anti-smoking are the roadblock to stand in the way from it ever being allowed into the marketplace.

    If they can put a man on the moon, they can make a safe cigarette alternative, maybe using synthetic nicotine and flavour induced substances to burn in place of the leaf or else leaf that's been chemically changed or else an alternative not requiring burning but steaming, as in the e-cigs.

    Lack of research is still no reason to justify the smoking bans since there is no cause and effect nor correlation between exposure to second-hand-smoke and any health related problem - what-so-ever. That myth alone, responsible for smoking bans, is beside the point of safer smoking products for the consumer who uses them. Any technological improvement in smoking products currently is almost required if only to have a new product line to then go up against the second-hand-smoking fraud that has been drummed into everyone's stupid brains and believed, hook, line and sinker. It's a shame to say, but the totally bogus smoking-bans may in fact now become a driving force behind forcing tobacco companies to go back into research and development of popular alternatives, something hopefully better than foul tasting gum and rash inducing chemical patches.

  2. Not everyone believes the lies. The truth will come out in time......if we demand it.