Saturday, April 30, 2011

Philip Morris USA, others win favorable verdict - Yahoo! News

The hospitals had claimed cigarette companies delivered an "unreasonably dangerous" product. They were seeking reimbursement back to 1993 for treating sick smokers who had no insurance and did not pay their bills.

Um, maybe they should be suing the government for funneling the MSA money into everything and anything but health insurance for smokers. Wasn't that the WHOLE POINT of the Master Settlement in the first place? Yeah, right.

Philip Morris USA, others win favorable verdict - Yahoo! News

Friday, April 29, 2011

"FDA outlines five year plan

Tobacco Reporter Magazine - News

Let's hope that this plan doesn't block new and novel reduced risk tobacco products from entering the market.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Barkeepers demonstrate against total smoking ban

Barkeepers demonstrate against total smoking ban: "More than 800 Belgian bar owners and their supporters demonstrated Saturday against a decision to widen a smoking ban in public spaces to cover all cafes and the kingdom's nine casinos from 1 July.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Smugglers As Heroes - Page 1 - Walter E. Williams - Townhall Conservative

The solution to cigarette smuggling, and the criminal activities associated with it, is to eliminate the confiscatory taxes. Unfortunately for tax-hungry politicians and anti-tobacco zealots, who see confiscatory taxes as a tool in their moral crusade against tobacco, only benefits count. For them, the costs of their agenda are irrelevant or secondary at best.

Now here is a man that GETS it.

Smugglers As Heroes - Page 1 - Walter E. Williams - Townhall Conservative: "- Sent using Google Toolbar"

With Cultural War Brewing in West Hollywood, Will Mayor John Duran Shake Up Status Quo? - Los Angeles News - The Informer

With Cultural War Brewing in West Hollywood, Will Mayor John Duran Shake Up Status Quo?

Will John Duran, who was installed last night as the new mayor of West Hollywood, shake up the status quo with the help of recently elected City Councilman John D'Amico?

Well, this is certainly welcome news; and yes, I am sure that Mayor John Duran will indeed shake up the status quo, and thank God for that. John Duran is what I would call a real progressive (one who promotes tolerance and a peaceful existence amongst differing demographics), unlike WEHO's former "progressive" (aka Nanny State, know it all, "do-gooder") mayor John Heilman.

The thing that I really love about West Hollywood is that when overly zealous politicians attempt to enact draconian restrictions and regulations (example: the proposed outdoor smoking ban in a city of bars and restaurants) upon local businesses and citizens alike, people actually do something about it: They vote them out. What a concept. I'm kind of wishing that I still lived there. Ah, but I can visit it in the meantime.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

E-cigarettes will get FDA oversight as tobacco products -

Ok, like how do you regulate something as a tobacco product when it clearly is NOT a tobacco product?

E-cigarettes will get FDA oversight as tobacco products - "- Sent using Google Toolbar"

CSP Exclusive Video: The FDA Talks Tobacco

CSPTV - Your Channel to Convenience: "- Sent using Google Toolbar"

Strawberries Curbed Throat-Cancer Risk

Last year, researchers from Ohio State University (OSU) reported that raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, Brazilian açaí berries, and Chinese goji berries inhibited the growth of esophageal tumors in rats, equally well (Stoner GD et al. 2010).,b6CF5JdC

Just a tip on goji berries. If you live close by a Chinese market or have a China Town in your town or city, goji berries (even the organic ones) are much cheaper (by half) than what you'd pay if you went to your local health food store.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Disaster of “Me” Libertarianism

We need to actively work to change abolish “me libertarianism” and focus liberty for all instead.

...Best commentary that I have read in a long time:-)

The Disaster of “Me” Libertarianism

CRA - Cigar Rights of America

Ah, it was a beautiful morning when I woke up today...until I read this latest news from Cigar Rights of America.

If you live in California, please sign the petition. If you don't live in California, tell everyone that you know in California to sign this petition.


CRA - Cigar Rights of America: "PetitionID: California001

California State Senator and Assembly Member Propose Act of Tobacco Prohibition for The Golden State.

In the form of one of the worst pieces of legislation of its kind currently pending in the nation, California State Senator Mark DeSaulniers, D-Walnut Creek, and Assembly Member and Chairman of the Majority Caucus, Jerry Hill, D-San Mateo, have just introduced a sweeping piece of tobacco prohibitionist legislation that seeks to close every existing exemption to enjoying perfectly legal tobacco products in the State of California.

As Senator DeSaulniers takes the lead in introducing Senate Bill 575 it is imperative that every passionate cigar enthusiast and retail tobacconist engage themselves in this legislative battle.

Senate Bill 575 would ban smoking in all retail tobacco businesses, private clubs, hotel lobbies, bars, taverns, banquet rooms, warehouse facilities, and employee break rooms.

And we don't have former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to protect us now with the power of the veto pen.

Senate Bill 575 is currently awaiting committee assignment by the Senate Committee on Rules. Upon assignment, CRA will let you know which committee will be hearing the bill.

Make no mistake, this is a very real threat to your passion for fine cigars. It not only affects the entire state of California, but sets a horrid precedent for the entire nation.

Senate Bill 575 threatens your freedom to enjoy a cigar at your local retail tobacconist and is a direct threat to the livelihood of professional tobacconists across California -- and could spread across the entire nation.

It is time to draw a line in the sand on this type of legislation, and with California being a benchmark state for such legislation, this prohibitionist style of law making needs a direct and passionate response from all in Cigar Nation.


1. Please contact your member of the California Assembly and Senate (search by zip code) and tell them to SAY NO to Senate Bill 575.

2. Please sign the below petition.

CRA Petition - California

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


But they discovered that compounds in broccoli re-activate your lung's defense systems... learn something new every day:-)


Harvard researchers say lung cancer is easier to beat in summer >> Medical Questions, Weight Loss, Pregnancy, Drugs, Health Insurance

vitamin D plays a very important role in the treatment of lung cancer. The exact impact of the vitamin is not quite clear, but its benefit during the battle against cancer is indisputable.

The good news is that vitamin D supplements tend to be relatively inexpensive.

One another note, one thing that stood out to me in this article was the statement that "almost half of those that were diagnosed were current smokers...". Another way that one could word that would be "more than half of those diagnosed were not current or ever smokers...". Ah, but that would be politically incorrect.

Harvard researchers say lung cancer is easier to beat in summer >> Medical Questions, Weight Loss, Pregnancy, Drugs, Health Insurance: "- Sent using Google Toolbar"

Monday, April 18, 2011

Do-it-yourself DNA tests: Dangerous or a consumer right? -

After mailing a saliva sample to a lab, consumers can receive information about their genetic risk for a variety of diseases, including type 2 diabetes, Parkinson's disease and several types of cancer.

...Looks like we are headed into the future.

Do-it-yourself DNA tests: Dangerous or a consumer right? - "After mailing a saliva sample to a lab, consumers can receive information about their genetic risk for a variety of diseases, including type 2 diabetes, Parkinson's disease and several types of cancer.

Scientists work to decode the genetic errors that cause cancer: In the Works -

Since the publication of the first cancer genome in 2008, several groups have started cancer-reading projects. The International Cancer Genome Consortium is sequencing tumors representing 50 types of cancers, while the National Institutes of Health's Cancer Genome Atlas will start with brain, lung and ovarian cancers before expanding to other types.

Scientists work to decode the genetic errors that cause cancer: In the Works - "- Sent using Google Toolbar"

WHO recommends food marketing curbs for child obesity -

...and down the slippery slope we go...

WHO recommends food marketing curbs for child obesity - "- Sent using Google Toolbar"

Maryland booze taxes drained from causes - Washington Times

Maryland booze taxes drained from causes - Washington Times: "- Sent using Google Toolbar"

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Food Raves Gain in Popularity -

In a sense it is civil disobedience on a paper plate.

Nice. People will always find ways around things..

Food Raves Gain in Popularity -

Tavern owners seek to reinstate eating rights to adult smokers - News -

"Taverns are simply saying if you have a smoking area limited to persons over the age of 21, you should be able to serve food."

That doesn't seem horribly unreasonable, especially because the smoker is already in a smoking area restricted to adults.

There is no such thing as being reasonable when dealing with anti-smoking lobbyists. It's time to tell them to stuff it.

Tavern owners seek to reinstate eating rights to adult smokers - News -

Friday, April 15, 2011

Hong Kong confirms rise in smuggling

Hong Kong confirms rise in smuggling

Tobacco control just doesn't seem to understand the simple fact that they are never going to be able to make tobacco "go away". In a just and pragmatic world, they'd focus more of their efforts on harm reduction. That would have to mean that they (the anti smokers) would have to do an about face in their approach by encouraging governments around the world to allow the development and marketing of reduced risk products. The folks over at the WHO fail to realize and admit the fact that under the current directive manual of tobacco control via the FCTC (Framework Convention on Tobacco Control), they are in fact doing more harm than good: not only does the FCTC undermine the individual sovereignty of "free" citizens everywhere, it also effectively places shackles on any progress that is, and could, be made in the world of harm reduction, all while discouraging the legitimate sale of a legal product. Thus, the higher taxation, coupled with lack of communication (bans on packaging colors and product description, etc.) only ENCOURAGES the black market to flourish. How can that be good for public health?

Monday, April 11, 2011

Healthcare costs: A less taxing proposal -

Well, here we go...Now the bishops of neo-healthism want to tax the "obese". We smokers have known that it would lead to this, but of course, NO ONE listened to us. Later on in the article below, "justifications" are made for forcing smokers into submission (ie.,government backed bullying, paid for by our tax dollars) via force and higher health-care premiums. As usual, one simple thing is left out of this so-called justification for discrimination: THE TRUTH. Smokers already pay more into the system than they (um, we..) take out; therefore, we should already have "FREE" (ok, it's not really free because we have already paid for it), government sponsored health insurance due to all of the city, state, federal, and de facto MSA taxes that we pay. Hell, we even pay for the health insurance of other people's children via SCHIP. Now, how fair is THAT? How is it that the media does not realize the obvious? Have they not read reports like this one:

Are high taxes on cigarettes justified by the social costs smokers impose on the rest of society? No.

Harvard Professor Kip Viscusi has repeatedly demonstrated that smokers already pay more in excise taxes than the social costs of their habits. Even before the MSA, “excise taxes on cigarettes equal or exceed the medical care costs associated with smoking.” For example, Illinois’ cigarette taxes, according to Viscusi, were $0.13 more per pack than the social costs of smoking before the settlement added $0.40 to the price of a pack of cigarettes, before the $0.40 a pack tax hike approved by the state legislature in 2002, and before Cook County’s $0.82 a pack boost in 2004.

Instead of raising cigarette taxes, simple justice demands that cigarette taxes be reduced to zero. In fact, states should consider taping a dime or a quarter to every pack of cigarettes as a way of thanking smokers for reducing the burden on taxpayers!

So there you have it: Smokers were already paid up in excess of their costs to society BEFORE the MSA...and BEFORE SCHIP...and BEFORE the many tax increases that smokers have been subjected to since the enactment of the MSA. One can only wonder how much (in excess) smokers are paying into the system now that we're well into the 21st century. So much for progress, fairness, and equal protection under the law.

So, with these facts in hand, one has to ask the simplest of questions: Why are smokers subsidizing non-smokers and then told that they are a drain on the system? I don't know about you, but there is a whole lot of BS clogging up that information highway called the media..well, most of it anyway.

Now they're coming for those that are overweight, even those who are deemed to be healthy and unaffected by their weight. How does it feel to realize that YOU could be next in line to become the unwilling recipient of similar forms of discrimination and extortion? Wait till they start diverting your tax dollars into everything else EXCEPT for what the taxes were intended for. Then you'll know what we smokers have been ranting about all along. Then maybe we'll stand together and utilize our collective reasoning and vote the bums out. You know the type(s): Those who want to confiscate what few assets we have, while purporting to know what's better for us than we do ourselves.

Healthcare costs: A less taxing proposal -

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Nation & World | Johnson & Johnson settles bribery case for $70 million | Seattle Times Newspaper

Thanks to Linda Dachyl for posting this on Facebook-

The government accused J&J subsidiaries of providing money and travel gifts to doctors in Greece, Poland and Romania in exchange for their prescribing J&J products to patients. The SEC says J&J agents used fake contracts and sham companies to deliver the bribes. The SEC says the bribes began at least 13 years ago.

Nation & World | Johnson & Johnson settles bribery case for $70 million | Seattle Times Newspaper

So this has been going on for at least 13 years? This makes me think of another piece of news that surfaced a few months back via the IPCPR:

Surgeon-General’s Report on Tobacco Called ‘Unscientific and Potentially Unethical’

Take a gander at the previous affiliation(s) of our current Surgeon General:

The IPCPR noted that prior to her nomination as U.S. Surgeon General, Regina Benjamin served as a trustee of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, which contributes tens of millions of dollars every year to promote smoking bans and fund anti-tobacco groups. “Why is this a potential conflict of interest?” McCalla asked. “Because the foundation’s sister organization is Johnson & Johnson, maker of Nicorette, a nicotine replacement product.”

Now would you believe anything that comes out of the mouth of someone who served as a trustee of one of the most corrupt organizations in the world? Yeah, sure....ONE cigarette kills...uh huh... THIS is our Surgeon General?

Friday, April 8, 2011

BAT sets up new business unit for alternative products

BAT says Nicoventures will develop a range of alternative products that are not cessation products but will offer smokers “much of the experience they expect to get from a cigarette but without the real and serious health risks of smoking”.

If something were to give me the taste and experience much like that of a real cigarette, I would definitely give it a go. It's a shame that the quest for a safer cigarette (along with the quest for safer alternatives) was snuffed (pun intended) out over 30 years ago when the Carter Administration dismantled The Smoking and Health Group of the NCI; but, as they say, better late than never. Of course, I am only speaking on behalf of the prohibitionist movement that continues to reside on my side of the Atlantic; England has its own prohibitionist movement, spawned in great part by its own abstinence only bishop, none other than the rabid anti-smoker Sir George Godber, whose blueprint has become the bible of anti-smokers worldwide.

Despite all previous road blocks of the past and present, it is refreshing to witness the re-birth of the of harm reduction strategy. This is the 21st century after all, and it is time that real progress be made on this issue. Ultimately, the course that we partake in with regards to tobacco and smoking lies not in the hands of the professional tobacco (and nicotine) prohibitionists. No, the road is to be paved by the 1.5 billion smokers that exist worldwide, along with the scientists and companies that understand the need for the revival of a once lost approach that could prove to be the most pragmatic of all.

BAT sets up new business unit for alternative products

So what is this new company Nicoventures all about anyway? On the company site it says:

We want to explore the development of innovative nicotine products that, subject to regulatory approval, will provide smokers with an alternative to cigarettes and a product they actually want to use.

..."a product that they actually want to use." Now that caught my attention. How nice it would be if there were several such products on the market today. Maybe Nicoventures will become a catalyst for other companies to revive their harm reduction strategies; and who knows, maybe some scientist somewhere may actually develop a safe(r) cigarette that uses real tobacco, thus creating a market frenzy that would ultimately put forth many different versions of a safe(r) cigarette. If we can send people to the moon and build space-stations, we can find a solution to the smoking "issue", all while preserving freedom of choice and personal autonomy.

It appears, at least according to Nicoventures, that at least the British government is beginning to understand the importance of harm reduction:

The UK Government’s recently updated public health strategy for England recognises there are many smokers who may not want to quit smoking but who want a safer alternative to cigarettes.

Well, this is news to me, and I certainly hope that it is true. Maybe the U.S. government will also change its tune? It would certainly be a welcome change and a step in the right direction.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ind. Senate panel rejects proposed smoking ban | The Indianapolis Star |

The Senate Committee on Public Policy voted 8-1 to snuff out the bill, which would have prohibited smoking in most workplaces across the state, including restaurants.
However, it exempted bars, casinos, nursing homes and fraternal clubs.

Apparently, some from the existing "coalition" of I hate smokers and smoking on private property thought that the bill did not go far enough. Amanda Estridge, the Indiana government relations manager for the American Cancer Society is one of them. She stated that the bill did not go far enough. Of course, what else would we expect from such a tyrannical organization. The bill is now dead. Now go find a cure for cancer, ok?

Ind. Senate panel rejects proposed smoking ban | The Indianapolis Star |

ObamaCare's big bucks - The Hill's Congress Blog

Last year, CPPW sent the County of Los Angeles more than $16 million in tobacco control funds, for programs (and this is CDC language), "encouraging comprehensive smoke-free outdoor air policies." You can be in favor of outdoor smoking bans, yet still realize that a grant to change existing laws smells a lot like lobbying.

There goes the "Democratic" process.....and our tax dollars...

ObamaCare's big bucks - The Hill's Congress Blog

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Father accused of killing family may have been taking anti-smoking drug | UK news |

A man believed to have murdered his wife while she slept and smothered their two daughters before killing himself may have been taking an anti-smoking medication with possible side-effects of "anger" and "depression", an inquest hasheard.

Father accused of killing family may have been taking anti-smoking drug | UK news |

So, what exactly does Chantix do to the brain? Here is an interesting article by Derek De Koff that was written for New York Magazine a few years ago:

It wasn’t until after I’d stopped taking Chantix (and switched to the patch) that I would read about other cases, ones in which violence was directed inward rather than out. In December, Omer Jama, a TV news editor in the U.K., slashed his wrists and died, a few weeks after going on Champix. (In the U.K., Chantix is known as Champix, but the FDA objected to that name because it was “overly fanciful and overstates the efficacy of the product.”) Shortly thereafter, a 36-year-old welder hanged himself after completing a thirteen-week Champix regimen.

This Is My Brain on Chantix

After reading this article, it does not seem so far off to assume that this drug may in fact be THE cause of the horrific event that took place in the first story above. This leads one to wonder why in the hell such a dangerous drug had been allowed onto the market in the first place. I can't speak for the NHS in Enlgand, but as an American I can honestly say that this makes me wonder about the efficacy, integrity and honesty of the folks who inhabit the floorspace over at the FDA.

Safer cigarette alternatives in the works > Facts & Fears > ACSH

While U.S. tobacco regulations prevent marketers from truthfully informing smokers about lower-risk products, the U.K. appears to be fostering more harm reduction-oriented tobacco laws

Safer cigarette alternatives in the works > Facts & Fears > ACSH

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Oral cancer is not just a tobacco user's disease; it's also caused by common virus

# Over 35-percent of oral cancer is HPV-related.
# HPV is the No. 1 STD in America.
# Previously, individuals 50 to 80 years of age were the demographic; now, OC is most frequently seen in healthy males age 18 to 30.
# HPV is an easily spread virus through mucous membrane contact.

Oral cancer is not just a tobacco user's disease; it's also caused by common virus

Jeremy Irons says smokers deserve special protections, like disabled people - Telegraph

Thanks to Pat Nurse for posting this on Facebook-

Mr Irons, who was in New York to guest-star in an episode of Law & Order, a television series, described the measures as "ludicrous and a terrible bullying of a minority that cannot speak back."

What an understatement. No one is going to stand up for us; we are going to have to stand up for ourselves, plain and simple.

Jeremy Irons says smokers deserve special protections, like disabled people - Telegraph

The Little Guys Standing Up, Together! Show of Support and Rally!

Here is the latest news from the Protect Private Property Rights Michigan Movement:

As most of you know, the hearing was adjourned due to the clerk's "misplacing" of the state's brief.

Even with the short notice, the numbers that came to support Boyd was tremendous. Every bar owner there yesterday has committed to returning, and bringing even MORE next time. Bar owners, workers, patrons, supporters... Your presence is requested and essential.

*Ask your bar if they are bringing a bus on the 18th like many others.

Several bar owners and workers attended an impromptu gathering afterward at Sporty O'Tooles. It was decided that there will be another after the hearing on April 18th at Sporty's.

Sporty's is located at: 24629 Mound Rd, Warren, MI 48091
(One block south of 10 Mile Rd.)

Make your plans to be able to get there now. Ask your at your local what time they expect to be leaving for the court house on the 18th and car pooling and/or bus details.

I like their spirit! This people understand the fact that the only way to get your freedom(s) back is to demand it.

If you live in Michigan, or have friends &/or family in Michigan, please pass this news along. Thanks.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

A local bar owner is going to court to fight Michigan's smoking ban saying it has hurt his business

Boyd Cottrell bought Sporty O'Tooles bar in 2009 after 23 years as a Detroit Police Officer. He says he thought is would be a good investment for his retirement and at first business was great.

But last May when the state's smoking ban took effect, business dropped dramatically.

But, we were told that bans are good for business! Uh huh.

A local bar owner is going to court to fight Michigan's smoking ban saying it has hurt his business

Thankfully, Boyd Cottrell is not alone in the fight to restore freedom of choice in the state of Michigan:

The PPPRM will be there to support bar owner, and retired Detroit Police Officer Boyd Cottrell as he fights for everyone's right to decide. To stand-up for private property rights, and the Constitutional rights we all once had in this state.

Please visit the Facebook page (link below) created by created by
The Protect Private Property Rights in Michigan Movement in support of Boyd Cottrell and show your support.

The Little Guy Fights Back- Private Property Tobacco Use Ban Stands Trial

Santee Mayor Explains City's 'F for Freedom' Tobacco Grade - Santee, CA Patch

Thanks to Jsidney for posting this on Smoker'r Club-

I see this grade of "F" from our perspective as being the highest grade for "FREEDOM" we could earn. In Santee we believe in life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Wow! I can't believe it. Finally, a politician (and in California too) stands up to the bullying tactics of the American Lung Association. Just when I was beginning to feel that all politicians are corrupt and devoid of any notions of freedom and liberty, I'm having to admit that indeed, there are some good ones. Mayor Voepel is one of them. Oh how I wish that he'd come to Los Angeles; we could use someone like him here.

Santee Mayor Explains City's 'F for Freedom' Tobacco Grade - Santee, CA Patch

Friday, April 1, 2011


Thanks to Iro for passing this on to me-

We at C.A.G.E. have repeatedly publicized evidence that the media shows bias against opinions and even facts that are not politically correct, especially when it comes to the issue of tobacco and smoking bans. The typical mainstream newspaper will print only a very negligible number of letters on such topics, and even then only if they are not too compromising to their political comfort level.

Well, this certainly hits a nerve, as I too appear to have also become a victim of censorship in the media. Earlier this afternoon I posted a link here to an article/news segment from ABC7 News Los Angeles that promoted the idea of 3rd hand smoke being dangerous to infants who sleep in the same room as a smoking parent. Anyhow, twice I tried to leave a comment in response and TWICE my comment was deleted. Did I curse? Or violate ABC's "terms of agreement"? Um, no. I was however, a bit harsh in my views towards the media and its practice of science by press release. Apparently, you can't say those types of things in some parts of the United States of America, well, because they're "politically incorrect". This was my comment:

It's official: The anti-smoking fanatics of the 21st century, along with a complicit media, have now outdone the fanatics of the 20th century (think Reefer Madness).

In the very same breath today, you (ABC) told us that low levels of radiation in our food/milk amount to minimal or no risk. Really? Oh, but we are to be worried about 3rd hand smoke? Do you think that maybe you're being a bit biased, due to a pre-determined agenda that sets out to make people scared of smokers?

Science by press release seems to be your new motto. You people scare me.

What? I can't say that? Why not?

....Looks like I'm not the only one that this has been happening to.


Infants sleeping in smokers' room have high nicotine levels

These people are SICK. Notice how there is NO mention of any health risk, just more anti-smoker hate and propaganda from a media that seems to be now devoid of any real code of ethics. It's official: The neo-healthists of the 21st century have outdone the Reefer Madness bishops of the 20th century.

Oh, but there is a safe level of exposure to RADIATION, right?

Gee, do you think that maybe there exists a pre-determined agenda when it comes to the issue of tobacco and smokers? Nah, that would never happen....We've never been lied to by the establishment before, have we?

Science by fear and press release has taken over rational thought. God..or Buddha..or, er, somebody help us all.|_ABC7_Los_Angeles-040111-Health_&_Food3-8045878

The Green Regulation Machine: Saving the Planet or Killing Jobs?

For those of us who are familiar with the work of Dr. James Enstrom, this video from Reason magazine is a must watch.