Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Smoking banned on home patios in Laguna Woods - Orange County Register

That's somewhat of a concern, according to Orange County Fire Authority Capt. Greg McKeown. He said the fire authority advises smokers to light up outdoors if possible. Fire officials also advise people not to smoke while impaired, in bed or in a home where oxygen is being used.

"Smoking indoors can be dangerous if proper safety precautions aren't taken," McKeown said.

So they don't want the elderly (or anyone for that matter) to smoke inside, but then they don't want them to smoke OUTSIDE. Just where, prey tell, is one supposed to go to have a cigarette? ..And what about the disabled, just what are THEY supposed to do? It's quite astounding how cruel and dumbed-down we have become; ok, not all of us are sleeping, but too many of us are.

Oh, and by the way, isn't Orange County supposed to be "Conservative"..ie., for smaller government and less intervention into the private lives of everyday, law abiding citizens? Apparently not.

Someday I am going to be arrested in my own home...or evicted..for merely being a smoker, and no one is going to care, not the ACLU, not my "Liberal" neighbors, and certainly not any of my elected "representatives".

What can I say? Every day I read about more and more draconian laws being passed in the Sunshine state, most of which seem to be directed at the tax paying smokers of a legal product. I think that it is safe to say that I don't want to grow old in California. Now, I suppose that it wouldn't be too bad living here if I were rich and lived somewhere hidden away in the hills in a large house with a large, intimidating gate surrounding the perimeters; but no, life for most Californians is down here in the ground, or in the bario, so to speak. The mountains and the scenery are what clearly makes California so beautiful, and I especially love the desert, but just where is there room in this state for a quirky, somewhat eccentric, individualist like me? Nowhere apparently.

The right to be an individual is one of the core tenets of being a free citizen in what is supposed to be a free society that respects that everyone has the right to pursue happiness in ways that the individual sees fit. How else can one be creative or "free", when one is not even allowed to express yourself in one's own home or privately owned business? Smoking is an act of expression that is encompassed by the 1st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, as is the Right to Assemble. How is it that the 1st Amendment applies to everyone, EXCEPT for smokers? This is an egregious abuse of power that can only lead to anarchy in the future as the core pillars that were designed to uphold the very laws that protect all of us are dismantled and left in the dust to die a slow and lonely death. How is one to respect the law if there is no law?

Smoking banned on home patios in Laguna Woods - Orange County Register


  1. If you are rich you can do as you like, but if you are poor you must do as you're told.

  2. So true...unfortunately....It's not that I blame folks who have money; it's not their fault, but the truth is that it's the poor and lower and middle class segments of society that are the least able to escape tyranny.

  3. I noticed some back and forth postings on US so-called conservative blogsites the last many months where they seemed to be promoting freedom of choice, but darn if the next day they'd not have an article posted by someone who was very anti-smoking and gave snide comments against smokers in one way or another, encouraging anti-smoking comments to dispel any pro-choice comments that so-called conservative readers of the blogsite might have accidentally picked up on from the few days earlier.

    As it stands now, I don't trust the conservative ruling class anymore than the liberal ruling class. But in California, it is the liberal ruling class that has thus far done the most damage to liberties with their unnecessary smoking bans based on the second-hand-smoke fraud.

    If in the future, given power, the conservative ruling classes decide to pick up with liberals left off - the same as conservative politicians in UK have managed to thus far extend anti-smoking instead of reeling it in - if that become the case in the US too - then I won't be voting for the conservatives either.

    What these people need is a good dose of what freedom is all about and give up on all the nanny-bully-state outlawing and making illegal ever minute aspect of a being an individual human being.

    They also don't deserve the respect they are getting and in due time, if they fail, I won't feel sorry, not for one of them, the fallen politicians and the economy that falls in around them - since it is the smoking bans that are destroying the economy to begin with by not permitting basic human freedom on the most minor scale. Outlaw that and you've perverted all freedom of choice, including economic, into state mandated and controlled directions, which has never worked, not since Karl Marx's nor Adolph Hitler's days have they worked.

    There was a time in the last turn of century when some people, and a lot of them women, would openly defy authoritarian nonsense and openly show so, by smoking - in their faces.

    Sadly, that is what is going to have to happen today, if people are to win back their freedoms, the smoking bans just become openly defied, up and down the California coast and anywhere else, including New York City and it's outdoor bans.

  4. "As it stands now, I don't trust the conservative ruling class anymore than the liberal ruling class. But in California, it is the liberal ruling class that has thus far done the most damage to liberties with their unnecessary smoking bans based on the second-hand-smoke fraud."

    ....Mostly true, but not entirely. Orange County is largely Republican, but outside of that fact, I do agree that it's mostly the neo-progressives (not Liberals) that are responsible.

  5. There's one thing that should be pointed out about Laguna Woods. It is basically a town that encompasses what used to be Leisure World, a retirement community. I don't think it is a conservative vs. progressive issue as much as both a close-proximity-living and a "I don't like the smell" issue. I feel very sorry for the many freedom-defending veterans and golden age smokers living there who will be impacted by this law.

    To be sure there are some conservatives who are anti-smokers, but in general and on balance, Republicans in California are less ban prone than their illiberal-Democrat-progressive counterparts. I've long since given up any hope on the Democrats returning to the days when they would stick up for minority rights, reject regressive tax schemes, or support a truly liberal society.

    The last thing a California smoker needs is to become politically apathetic. We're only about 15% of the electorate, so every vote counts. I would suggest they first examine the present and past legislative records of the Republicans and Democrats as regards smoking, and then vote accordingly.

    And in defense of conservative Orange County, check out this Editorial from the OC Register. It may be four years old, but I can guarantee you will never see anything like it in any major LA or SF Bay Area newspaper.

    Snuffing out freedom at the water's edge

  6. There can be no justification for banning smoking on any private property.

    BTW, cigarette smokers account for about 20% of the population, and if you include cigar, pipe, e-cig and occasional smokers, it's closer to 40%....a very large voting block indeed.

  7. how do they police this patio ban then can see it been hard to enforce

  8. One would assume that tobacco control is depending on the possibility of neighbors spying on one another. Nice, huh?


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