Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Simon Clark - Taking Liberties - Welcome to the Liberty League

To put this development in perspective, until a few years ago Forest fought a fairly lonely battle when it came to defending the sale and consumption of tobacco. Now a significant number of groups and individuals (including Clare Fox and David Bowden at the Institute of Ideas) are prepared to take a stand on the issue, and the wider implications.

I knew that it was only a matter of time until freedom loving individuals from across all shades of the socio-economic and political spectrum would wake up to realize one core principle: If you allow the liberties and rights of one group of people to be taken away, you have paved the way for your own freedoms to be taken away as well. It seems that many in Britain are realizing this simple fact. I'm waiting for the same epiphany to strike the masses here in the U.S., especially on the coasts.

Cheers to Simon Clark, to David Atherton, and to everyone who has ever put in their time, heart, and soul fighting for what they believe is right.

Simon Clark - Taking Liberties - Welcome to the Liberty League

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