Friday, March 18, 2011

Menthol cigarette ban: FDA panel weighs menthol cigarette ban -

The FDA wants to take away menthol because "it makes low tar cigarettes more satisfying". Well, isn't that the point? Would they rather that we all go back to smoking cigarettes with no filters and 40 mg of tar? Are they serious? This goes against everything that Dr. Gori, who headed the Tobacco Working Group at the NCI, studied and observed with regards to developing less hazardous cigarettes. What, we should smoke cigarettes that are more carcinogenic? Would someone please explain to me the logic here? Without flavor modification, folks have no incentive to switch to cigarettes that emit less toxins. Oh, yeah, that's right, there's absolutely NO difference between a cigarette with 2 mg of tar and a cigarette that has 20, 30, or 40, right? ..And everyone is going to magically quit tomorrow, well because the pious popes of do-gooderism said so. I can see the unicorns and fairies coming 'round the bend right now. Wow, wait...there's one right outside my window now. Not. Somebody's been lying to us.

Menthol cigarette ban: FDA panel weighs menthol cigarette ban -

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