Sunday, March 6, 2011

Illinois Lawmakers Mull Smoking in Casinos, Bars

Two current bills under consideration by the Illinois General Assembly are expected to generate increased revenues for the state. They would allow smoking in gaming facilities and eligible businesses that have liquor licenses. The International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers Association favors both proposals and today urged their passage.

Wowza! I just might have to move back to my hometown Chicago in order to get some work:-)

Illinois Lawmakers Mull Smoking in Casinos, Bars

Here is the Full Text of HB1310:

Amends the Liquor Control Act of 1934. Provides that the local liquor control commissions have the power to issue a smoking license to certain eligible establishments. Provides that an eligible establishment must be able to document that (i) it has disclosed to all employees that if a smoking license is granted to the establishment, smoking will be permitted on the premises and (ii) all employees have acknowledged receiving the disclosure. Provides that if the eligible establishment has a liquor license, it must be in compliance with all of the terms of the liquor license in order to receive a license to allow smoking on the premises. Amends the Smoke Free Illinois Act. Provides that smoking is allowed in any eligible establishment that has obtained a license to allow smoking on the premises from the local liquor control commission. Provides that an eligible establishment must post prominent signage notifying the public that the establishment has been designated as a smoking establishment. Effective immediately.

It's nice to see a bit of common sense for a change. A sign was all that was ever required to enable folks to make the choice of patronizing, or not patronizing, an establishment that allows smoking.


To issue a smoking license to the following eligible
(A) any bar that can provide written documentation
that less than 10% of its total revenue comes from the
sale of food;
(B) any venue where gambling operations are
conducted pursuant to the Riverboat Gambling Act or the
Illinois Horse Racing Act of 1975;
(C) any venue for adult entertainment where a
person must be at least 18 years old to enter;
(D) any private club, as defined in Section 10 of

Well, sometimes I like to eat a little something when I'm having that glass of wine with a ciggie, but none to worry as one can always join a private club, now that the very definition of the word has come around full circle to encompass its original meaning.

And here's a clause that even harbors a bit of humanitarianism! I know, it's hard to believe, but it's true!

6) Common smoking rooms in long-term care facilities
operated under the authority of the Illinois Department of
Veterans' Affairs or licensed under the Nursing Home Care
Act that are accessible only to residents who are smokers
and have requested in writing to have access to the common
smoking room where smoking is permitted and the smoke shall
not infiltrate other areas of the long-term care facility.

I suppose that this means that I can put to rest my fears of growing old someday, should I ever decide to move back to my home state and hometown of Chicago and end up in a nursing home. No longer will I have to worry about the prospects of being thrown out into zero degree weather and dying from pneumonia. There's now a strong chance that senior citizens who smoke may actually be treated like human beings with rights once again. Can you imagine?

The bill, btw, was introduced by Representative Anthony DeLuca (D). Thank you Rep. DeLuca for standing up for private property rights, for my right to find a job, for a smoker's right to assemble, and for the elderly.


Now onto the full text of Illinois House Bill 171:

Synopsis As Introduced
Amends the Smoke Free Illinois Act to include in the list of areas where smoking is allowed, designated segregated ventilated smoking rooms in gaming facilities that are licensed, provided that the segregated smoking room is only accessible to persons who have requested in writing to have access to the smoking room and the smoke from the room shall not infiltrate into any other areas where smoking is prohibited. Imposes conditions on any rulemaking authority.

That's all that we've ever wanted: A place to go where we can socialize with other adults who have chosen to do so at their own free will.

Here are the bill's co-sponsors:

Representative André M. Thapedi (D)
32nd District

Representative Randy Ramey, Jr. (R)
55th District

Representative Anthony DeLuca (D)
80th District

Representative Franco Coladipietro (R)
45th District

Representative Rita Mayfield (D)
60th District

Hence, it appears that there is even bi-partisan support for amending the Illinois Smoke-free act. I just might fall over from shock! Imagine that, our representatives working together to protect our freedoms and American way of life. Double wowza!


  1. Juliette, I hope you are well.

    Has tobacco control run out of steam?

  2. I hope to God it catches on here in this piss-pot of a country.

  3. Money talks...and whether the antis like it or not, we are part of the overall economy. The state of Illinois is losing tens of millions of $$ annually due to the ban.

  4. AND tons of revenue and jobs that could otherwise remain in Illinois, and that instead end up helping out neighboring states like Indiana and Missouri! Finally, it keeps people like myself from returning to Illinois casinos, and I'd gladly come back if smoking was allowed in limited indoor portions of the casino. :(

    Don't forget that Wisconsin also heavily benefited, before enacting an extremely draconian smoking ban that even requires 100% of motel and hotel rooms to be smoke-free. Only one other state has a similar requirement in their statewide smoking ban, which is Michigan. Won't let neither Wisconsin nor Michigan off the hook, since even before both states enacted total comprehensive smoking bans, both states for a while have had the highest state cigarette tax rates in the Midwest(Wis. at $2.52 a pack, and Mich. at $2).