Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ill. House OKs lifting casino smoking ban

“Ladies and gentlemen, if we’re serious about our budget crisis in Illinois, let’s be real. This is not about the smoking issue. This is about the money,” said Rep. Dan Burke, D-Chicago, the bill’s House sponsor.

Isn't it always about the money? One thing is for certain: Democrats in Chicago are not cut from the same cloth as Democrats in California. In my home town, some politicians are waking up not only to the fact that smoking bans impose unnecessary and onerous regulations upon private business owners, but that they also have deleterious effects on the overall economy. No longer do they believe the claims of anti-smoking bureaucrats when they tout no economic losses due to bans. Here in California however, our politicians seem to be intent on poking more holes into an already sinking ship. Home has never looked so good.

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