Thursday, February 24, 2011

Challenging the MSA

This is a BIG deal folks and a must read!

The Competitive Enterprise is set to challenge the constitutionality of the $249 billion Master Settlement! When I first read about this a few weeks back I thought that I was dreaming. I was not. Apparently, there are some folks out there who care about the Constitution and the fair treatment of smokers. I know, it's hard to believe, but it's true.

This case, if heard by the Supreme Court has the potential to put a halt to the 14 year collusion between the states attorneys general and big tobacco. The cruel and un-constitutional act of extorting smokers via de facto taxation without representation may indeed be approaching the winter of its prosperity. Kudos to the Competitive Enterprise Institute for taking up this cause. It is clear that everyone has benefited in this deal except for the folks paying for it: we,the smokers. The days of trial lawyers and states getting rich off of the very people that they persecute are hopefully coming to an end.

In aggregate, the petition for a Writ Of Certiorari, along with all of the accompanying links/articles provided in the link(s)below should serve to disarm even the most ardent anti-smoker when it comes to the accusation(s) that smokers cost society. In fact, according to one article, what we smokers have been subjected to is in fact a "reverse Robin Hood" phenomenon where the poorest of the poor end up funding the richest of the rich. It is time for this to stop. It is time to smokers to get the healthcare that they/we have paid for and continue to pay for.

Oh, if only there is any justice left in this can hope.

I know that I've got my reading work cut out for me for awhile.

Challenging the MSA

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