Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bernard Parks faces a tough reelection campaign

This is the tyrant that wanted to draft an ordinance to arrest smokers for smoking outside on a sidewalk. He wanted to make it a misdemeanor offense, punishable by up to 6 months in JAIL. This, coming at a time of an extreme budgetary crisis where libraries and police officers are being furloughed, prisons are overcrowded, and small businesses are struggling with high overhead costs and over-regulation. Councilman Parks has demonstrated to us that he favors tyrannical behavior over common sense and the American values of individual freedoms and autonomy. Anyone who is this extreme (and inept)in their views is neither a fiscal conservative nor a bleeding heart liberal. Vote him out!

Bernard Parks faces a tough reelection campaign

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  1. Bernard Parks also introduced legislation to not report illegal aliens's status, who are arrested for a crime, citing "breaking down barriers to allow victims to come in, unimpeded to report crimes." Of course the problem with that thinking is that he's not talking about not reporting the status of illegal immigrants who report crimes. What he is talking about is not reporting the status of illegal aliens who commit crimes. Even so, illegal aliens are not charged with a federal offense until they have been captured at least 7 times previous, under current policy, so that the 8th time they're captured, they're charged with a misdemeanor. After that, they won't be charged with a federal crime until they've been captured at least 14 times previously.