Monday, January 31, 2011

YouTube - Chantix Commercial (2009)

I just received the link below in an e-mail/newsletter from Dr. Campbell Douglass. Get a load of the side effects. Many of us have already become alert to the dangers of Chantix, but for those of us who have not, check out the video commercial below and take note of the list of possible side effects:

YouTube - Chantix Commercial (2009)

This gives one the impression that the FDA hates smokers so much that they'd rather that we all "off" ourselves rather than have us all continue on smoking. How am I supposed to think any differently? I mean, they will give Chantix a nod of approval, but yet will not even consider any notion(s) of harm reduction for active smokers.

Common sense needs to play a role in the issue of smoking, but I don't expect that that will happen any time soon. We smokers, however, can take up our own crusade, one of practicality. By coming to the realization that the poison is in the dose (Don't believe me, read Dr.Douglass' Health Benefits of Tobacco and Dr. Gori's Virtually Safe Cigarettes), we can cut down on a lot of the damage caused by smoking; ie., the more you smoke, the greater the risk, so don't smoke a pack a day, have maybe 5 or 6 instead...or use tar blockers or filtered cigarette holders to cut down on the amount of tar condensate(s) that you are inhaling..or maybe try a cigarette that heats, rather than burns like the Eclipse...or try an e-cigarette and see if that works for you. There are all kinds of possibilities that are far less dangerous and likely far more effective than Chantix; just don't expect the FDA or our Surgeon General to tell you that.

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