Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Indiana House Amends Smoking Ban Bill

As of yesterday, this is the latest update on the smoking ban bill in Indiana from Brad Klopfenstein of Save Indiana Bars-

This afternoon, the Indiana House of Representatives amended the smoking ban bill to exempt bars and private clubs who only allow patrons who are over 21, and only employ persons who are over 18. While the Indiana Senate could still remove all exemptions, this was a big step towards Saving Indiana Bars.

Thank-you to everyone who contacted their state representatives! It would not hurt to continue to contact your senators just to keep the momentum on our side.

But for tonight, I encourage everyone to go out and celebrate at your local bar!

If I lived in Indiana, that's exactly where I would have been last night, in a local bar showing my support for freedom of choice! Cheers to all of the Hoosiers who contacted their representatives! Now, if only folks in my hometown of Chicago would do the same.

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