Saturday, January 22, 2011

Capitol Alert: California gets low marks for anti-smoking efforts

Thanks to Jsidney over at Smoker's Club for posting this-

"California - like all but a few other states - was given an "F" for its spending on anti-smoking campaigns."

Gee, it ONLY spends $88.9 MILLION on badgering folks who don't want to quit? Never mind the fact that the ALA spends most of its money on its "agenda" of a tobacco free WORLD than it does on research to cure cancer. Oh, but now they want to sponsor a ballot initiative ( possibly as soon as June) to raise tobacco taxes by as much as a $1 a pack; it's to fund cancer research, they say; and more importantly, to fund smoking cessation programs (um, ie, programs to stick their noses into every aspect of your life, such as kicking smokers out of their/our homes and how to enforce such a law, Jsidney's comment following the article that's linked below to understand what I'm talking about).

...and from Jsidney, here's an example of how the ALA spends it's money:

"Give the American Lung Association an "F". The ALA spent $55.8 M in 2008, the latest year available. They spent $6.9 M on salaries and management related expenses. They spent $17.8 M on fund-raising. -See page 10

They spent only $7.8 M of the $55.8 M on research. (The annual state-by-state survey of anti-smoking efforts counts as "research")."

I agree, give the ALA an "F". It's also time that we demand that our tax dollars go where WE want them to. If they would have been spending upwards of 90% of their $$$$ (um, profits) on cancer research all along, rather than bullying people and acting like despots that have no concept of what it is to live in a free society, we might actually have been close to a cure for cancer by now.

Capitol Alert: California gets low marks for anti-smoking efforts

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