Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bhutan police raid homes to stub out smoking habit - Yahoo! News

""When it comes to the penalties in the tobacco control act, it is, in every sense of the word, draconian," the country's largest selling newspaper, Kuensel, said in an editorial."

Gee, ya think? I hope that all of the anti-smoking folks at the WHO and elsewhere are proud of themselves for encouraging all out fascism and despotism.

To the fanatical anti-smokers (um, profiteers, control freaks, and pharma stock holders), I'd like to pose a few questions (I will refer to them collectively as "you"):

Can you justify raiding people's homes, sanctuaries of the individual and autonomy, all in the name of a smoke(er) free world? Can you not see where this is leading? What happens if the tide turns and the despots come for you? Can you not see the pain and suffering that will result from such draconian measures? Do you have no qualms about making back room deals with dictators? Do you secretly wish that such practices will spread to other nations, including those in the West? Are you yourselves closet despots, using the issue of smoking to take away the autonomy and free will of the individual on a world wide level?

Now, I certainly don't believe that all anti-smokers entertain such schemes of world domination, and I realize that there are some in the anti-smoking community who genuinely just want to help people. So, to these people I would like to pose a different question:

How long are you going to sit on the sidelines before speaking out against the fanaticism that has been allowed to fester all around you? Your silence is making you appear to be complicit, even if it was never your intent to be. See what you are encouraging?

Bhutan police raid homes to stub out smoking habit - Yahoo! News

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