Thursday, December 30, 2010

EU bans herbal remedies: another victory for corporate interests

Thanks to Rose for posting this on Dr. Siegel's blog-

I for one, am a really big fan of herbal remedies and organic foods (when I can afford them). This is yet another egregious abuse of power being perpetrated by unelected bureaucrats upon the rights of free citizens across Europe. Unbelievable. I sure hope that they don't try to pull this crap in the U.S.. Oh, wait...they ARE trying to pull this crap in the U.S..

Back to the E.U...

How is it that the E.U. has gained so much power over sovereign nations that have their own elected representatives?

Daniel Hannan states a possible explanation for such madness:

"Such a ban would never have got through the national legislatures. MPs would have been deluged, as MEPs were, by letters from thousands of constituents who felt that their health was being imperilled. In a national parliament, this would almost certainly have been enough to block the proposal; but the EU was designed more or less explicitly to withstand public opinion. Lobbyists understood from the outset that their best chance was to push through in Brussels what no democratic parliament would accept. See, once again, how the EU has become a mechanism for the advancement of corporate interests in defiance of the common weal."

Point well taken.

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