Monday, August 30, 2010

Good News for Drinkers and for Smokers Who Drink!

Consume lots of alcohol, live longer than non-drinkers

Though the title may be misleading, what it does is encourage "moderate" drinking. As a result of this shocking new revelation, I'm going to have a great big smile on my face later on this evening when I pour myself a nice glass of wine.....preferably a Shiraz..or a Zinfandel...or a nice Malbec from Argentina..

..and thanks to this tip from my friend Dave Atherton, it's looks like I'll be enjoying a cigarette with that glass of wine:

Alcoholic Beverage Intake and Risk of Lung Cancer: The California Men's Health Study

Everything is to be taken in moderation, of course. Now smile (good for your health too!) and enjoy that glass of wine and a cigarette, along with some good company!

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