Monday, August 30, 2010

Good News for Drinkers and for Smokers Who Drink!

Consume lots of alcohol, live longer than non-drinkers

Though the title may be misleading, what it does is encourage "moderate" drinking. As a result of this shocking new revelation, I'm going to have a great big smile on my face later on this evening when I pour myself a nice glass of wine.....preferably a Shiraz..or a Zinfandel...or a nice Malbec from Argentina..

..and thanks to this tip from my friend Dave Atherton, it's looks like I'll be enjoying a cigarette with that glass of wine:

Alcoholic Beverage Intake and Risk of Lung Cancer: The California Men's Health Study

Everything is to be taken in moderation, of course. Now smile (good for your health too!) and enjoy that glass of wine and a cigarette, along with some good company!

Dishonest British Budgeting…Just Like We Do It in America

Dishonest British Budgeting…Just Like We Do It in America

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Elderly widow threatened with £2,500 fine for dropping cigarette ash

...No comment needed from me. For anyone who may have missed this, Anna Raccoon eloquently highlights the sheer invidiousness and cruelty that anti-tobacco continues to unleash amongst a large portion of the population in the Western world. A must read.

Fighting ‘them’ on the Sandwell.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Beach Smoking Ban Challenge

Audrey Silk tells it like it is:

L.A. County launches anti-smoking campaign

Well, well, well.... Federal stimulus $$$ for this? In a time of economic crisis? In a state that is BANKRUPT? I realize that the priorities of politicians here at the state level are skewed, but what does this say about the priorities of those at the Federal level?

When are people going to wake up and say enough? We do not need to be bullied anymore. In fact, those of us consenting adults who choose to smoke, along with those who don't mind being around us, are sick and tired of the Nanny State.

Isn't Obama a smoker? Why is he sending over stimulus money to a lost cause? The great ship of prosperity is sinking in America and this is what our leaders spend OUR money on?

I smoke because I choose to and there is nothing that the anti-tobacco taliban are going to be able to do to change that. They may, however, manage to close down some more independently owned businesses in a town that so desperately needs them.

Mr.Obama, I think that it's time that you call the dogs off of us. You will not get my vote otherwise. I smoke. People smoke. Deal with it. Now go spend our money on research for a cure for cancer.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Proof That Loonies Are Running California

Well, here we have it: proof that the world has gone mad. A friend of mine informed me the other night of the fact that he was fined $240 for smoking a cigarette in Burbank. He was standing outside of his workplace on a sidewalk when he was approached by not one, but TWO police officers on bicycles, who promptly issued him a ticket for taking part in a LEGAL activity with a LEGAL product OUTSIDE. Oh, did I mention that he was standing 10 feet away from a HOOKAH BAR! Is there any common sense left with regards to the issue of smoking anymore? Clearly, that is not the case in California.

Unfortunately for my friend, he HAS to go to Burbank because he works there. I, on the other hand, can and will avoid it all together. I won't even spend money on a bottle of water or a gallon of gas there.

Call it what it is: Flat out discrimination.

Big Cigar, Big Protest

Now this store owner has the right attitude. We cigarette smokers should adopt the same spirit!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


What can I say, other than the fact that I have lost all faith in our institutions. They have proven that politics, political correctness, and MONEY (ie., funding) come before the truth. The recent ousting of Professor James Enstrom by UCLA School of Public Health only serves to strengthen my resolve. The reason for his ousting? "It Does Not Like the Direction of His Research Findings."

Well now, doesn't that just say it all?

LOIS HENRY: Independent thought not wanted at UCLA

Dan Walters: Storm blows again over diesel-soot rule

James Enstrom sacked by UCLA

Dispatch: Un-PC professor dropped at UCLA

If you're not disgusted with the current state of McCarthyism as it pertains to modern day science, you should be.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Whoopi: Leave My Smoking Alone

Thank you Whoopi. You tell 'em. We're sick of being mistreated. We're sick of being lied to about the effects of second hand smoke. We're sick of not having the right to assemble, and we're sick of the extortion that has been bestowed upon us. You rock sister.

Dr. admits that SHS no health threat, but encourages the anti-obesity crusaders to LIE to achieve their objective anyway...

Here we have a very interesting article...DENNIS GOTTFRIED, M.D actually points out the fact that second hand tobacco smoke poses no serious health threat to the public at large, while in the same breath suggesting that the same tactics (false propaganda and all) be used to combat obesity.

Is the good doctor saying that it's OK to LIE to achieve an objective? What kind of precedent does this manner of thinking set for science, public policy, the rule of law, and for well, everything else? How widespread and how pervasive has this way of thinking become in the world of health and science?

Two things are certain:

1) Smoking bans are based on LIES, &

2) Life is about to get a lot tougher for the "obese"

-Thanks to Harley @ Smoker's Club for the tip-

Friday, August 13, 2010

Mayor Bloomberg Loves Property Rights

Mayor Bloomberg Loves Property Rights


Federal Appeals Court Rules Against Challenge to MSA

Winston posted this over @ Forces-

Federal appeals court rejects Competitive Enterprise Institute's (CEI) suit against Master Settlement Agreement (MSA).

CEI will appeal to Supreme Court.

"“The court missed an opportunity to restore an important check on state government power set forth by the Founding Fathers,” said Hans Bader, CEI Senior Counsel. “The Constitution’s Compact Clause expressly requires that, when states combine to impose a national regulatory scheme, it must first be approved by Congress. "

This ruling proves to me why tobacco control is indeed the precursor to the death of our Constitution. When judges make rulings based upon the current moral relativism of the day (ie., hatred of tobacco because it is all things "bad"), rather than upon the rule of law itself, no one is safe in the future. Oi, but we know that already, right?

Monday, August 9, 2010

Oh California!

Oi. Happy Monday! I've come to the conclusion that California is just as corrupt as my hometown Chicago. While the rest of us toil on in an over-regulated environment that treats us like criminals and puts our pubs/clubs/bars and restaurants out of business in the name of "health", many of our politicians are running away with all of the loot that they can get. I don't think that their behavior is healthy or in any way conducive to a free and productive society.

California Rep. Maxine Waters accused of three ethics violations

"The House Ethics Committee says that even as the Los Angeles Democrat was warned against interceding on behalf of a bank with ties to her husband, her chief of staff was 'actively involved' in helping OneUnited."


Jerry Brown expands investigation into Bell, subpoenas nine current and former city officials

"Atty. Gen. Jerry Brown announced Monday he is expanding his investigation into the activities of officials in Bell to include allegations of voter fraud involving absentee ballots."


Controller Wendy Greuel posts salaries of all LA city workers

"The public's trust has been broken as a result of the scandal in Bell," Greuel said. "This is an important step to provide greater transparency."


L.A. mayor bulks up the office

"It has grown to be the largest mayoral staff in Los Angeles history, dwarfing that of former Mayor James Hahn, who had 121 employees, and former Mayor Richard Riordan, with 114. Staff salaries account for $7.4 million of the $25.02 million budget for the Mayor's Office. "