Sunday, May 23, 2010

No Level Playing Field in Current Environment

It's obvious. Smoking bans deny us the right to assemble amongst ourselves. No one is denying non-smokers of their right to come in to a smoking establishment. Non-smokers have the right to decide on their own on whether or not they want to be exposed to us smokers. If one detests the smell of tobacco, it is quite easy to avoid. Anti-smokers can just choose to go elsewhere. They also have the option of opening up their own establishments. We smokers, on the other hand, have had our free will and choice taken away from us, and that is anything but the "evening out of the playing field". In many places/cities we have been stripped of any choice at all, and that is not fair, nor is it just.

There is no level playing field unless everyone gets to choose their own environment. For example, I choose not to eat at restaurants that have no accommodations for smokers; and if there are no accommodations, I simply refrain from eating out. When less people support the local hospitality industry, it can mean only one thing: lost jobs and revenue, which inevitably has an effect on everyone, smoker and non-smoker alike. It serves no one to suffer such a great loss of freedom (and revenue), when there already exists one solution to the smoking/non-smoking debate: go to the place that serves your needs and preferences and let everyone else live in peace.

There is no freedom unless all of us are free.

Could it be any more simple than that?

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  1. Nothing is simple in the tobacco control world jred, in fact the more they take something simple and tangle it up with lies and scaremongering the more the simple people believe it. I mean, who could believe in something THAT simple?

    Nice blog piece, love it.