Sunday, May 23, 2010

No Level Playing Field in Current Environment

It's obvious. Smoking bans deny us the right to assemble amongst ourselves. No one is denying non-smokers of their right to come in to a smoking establishment. Non-smokers have the right to decide on their own on whether or not they want to be exposed to us smokers. If one detests the smell of tobacco, it is quite easy to avoid. Anti-smokers can just choose to go elsewhere. They also have the option of opening up their own establishments. We smokers, on the other hand, have had our free will and choice taken away from us, and that is anything but the "evening out of the playing field". In many places/cities we have been stripped of any choice at all, and that is not fair, nor is it just.

There is no level playing field unless everyone gets to choose their own environment. For example, I choose not to eat at restaurants that have no accommodations for smokers; and if there are no accommodations, I simply refrain from eating out. When less people support the local hospitality industry, it can mean only one thing: lost jobs and revenue, which inevitably has an effect on everyone, smoker and non-smoker alike. It serves no one to suffer such a great loss of freedom (and revenue), when there already exists one solution to the smoking/non-smoking debate: go to the place that serves your needs and preferences and let everyone else live in peace.

There is no freedom unless all of us are free.

Could it be any more simple than that?

Shocking New Revelation: Chicago loses 75% cig tax revenue

Well, here's something that we all didn't already know. Thanks in part to funding from the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation, now we know the truth: Smokers in Chicago (fill in the blank for other cities here) are looking to buy their smokes elsewhere.....I mean, anywhere else but in the city of Chicago where state and city taxes amount to over $4 on one pack of smokes.

Here it is: Litter Study Shows Chicago Misses 75% of Cigarette Taxes

Let's see........Not only is the city of Chicago losing 10s of millions of $$ a month, but even more $$$ was spent on a "study" to state the obvious: If you over-tax something, people will simply look elsewhere. They need a study for that? What a waste of time and money. These people are draining/bankrupting us all, both spiritually and monetarily speaking.

I especially love the bit about how there's a lack of enforcement. Enforcement for what? Buying a legal product elsewhere? ...Last I checked, one can do that in America with any legal product.

Perhaps we taxpayers should fund/conduct our own study, one that studies the cognitive functioning of antis in white lab coats and their political buddies. It is clear that they often do not see the obvious. Maybe it's time to study them. It's clear that their line of reasoning is an anomaly, as compared to the rest of us.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

When Your Number's Up

Not much needs to be said here on my part. Phil Johnson of Freedom 2 Choose eloquently speaks out to the anti-smoking establishment in a gleeful response to a new report on aging, disease, and the role that genes (who would've thought) play in determining who gets to live longer.

Please read on while relaxing and enjoying the many finer things in life.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Extremism on the Rise and No One Is Doing Anything To Stop It

Why do we smokers pay taxes again? Oh, yeah, that's right.....they're for the benefit of everyone else except for us. Hmmmmm......doesn't seem fair...Higher insurance premiums, the denial of jobs, the denial of private property rights, the denial of the right to assemble amongst each other while being comfortable, the denial of health care (soon enough), even though we put more into the "system" than we take out. That last part about putting more into the system has been proven again and again in studies that have been conducted by respected institutions, such as Harvard and the Heartland Institute. So, because I am a smoker, I get to pay for someone else's child's health insurance (SCHIP) , yet I am told that I deserve neither to be insured or employed myself, oh, and that I have to pay higher premiums. Will overweight people be the next in line for the the abuse that has (until now) been reserved solely for smokers?

Where are all of the Liberal politicians and leaders that I used to vote for and support? The silence is deafening and the complicity scares me. I receive e-mails almost daily from the ACLU about how some kid was sent home from school for wearing the wrong t-shirt, but yet not a peep comes from their neck of the woods when a whole hospital refuses to hire smokers, simply for being smokers.

Why do we have to pay to balance state budgets, build parks, roads, and golf courses via excessive taxation and the Master Settlement agreement, when we don't get reap many of the same benefits that are given to others as a result of our investments? The anti-smoking movement is demonstrating to all of us that there is indeed a dark side to humanity....unfortunately.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Anti-smoking Zealotry and the Dangers of Direct Democracy

Smoking bans are no longer about 2nd hand smoke, as is admitted in this article in the L.A. Weekly. In fact, it has now become glaringly obvious that smoking bans where never about protecting the "workers" (even the smoking ones) and non-smokers, as the simple solution of choice has always been ignored. Why is that, I wonder?

It is, and always has been from day one, about changing culture and behavioral norms. Mr. Gallegos (and other antis), whose job is largely funded by prop 99, has now become so arrogant that they've ditched the science (that didn't stand up in the 1st place) all together. Add to that huge amounts of $$$$$ funneled from prop 99 (voters had no idea what they were voting for when they voted for this), real estate developers, and corrupt and slimy politicians...This is how atrocities begin. It's taken 20 years for this monster to grow, but this extremism now purely demonstrates how dangerous direct democracy can be in the hands of an uninformed (or tricked) populace. We are one step away from putting smokers in prison(s). Hell, they are already threatening to evict elderly smokers up in Northern Cali. If throwing someone out of their own home for using a legal product isn't an atrocity and/or abridgment of basic human rights, then I don't know what is.

The only upside to this is that now the true agenda of the anti-smoking zealots is coming into the light where everyone can see it...Maybe we're closer to the end of this madness than we think. One can hope.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

California's Neo-Temperance Movement

I received an e-mail today revealing the true intentions of the anti-tobacco zealots: A smokER free society. It is telling that this all started in California with the passing of prop 99. If voters would have known how far the anti-tobacco fanatics had intended to vilify smokers, I doubt that reasonable folks (which I still believe are in the majority) would have voted for such a measure. In the past, the nation looked to California for precedent; and indeed smoking bans began in California, then spread out to the rest of the nation. With its moderate weather, anti-smokers looked to California as the path with the least resistance, and hence, they got their precedent. However, I have to wonder if there is indeed going to be a shift in thinking amongst American voters everywhere once the public at large realizes this newest set of precedents that the anti-smokers intend to force upon the people of California via politicians at the state and the local level. Once they get their way here, they will move on to your neck of the the East, the West, the South, the North....and anywhere a smoker can be found.

It is clear that anti-tobacco has evolved into something that is inherently evil and detrimental to a democratic society. For an update on what the hate brigade has been up to, go here.