Friday, January 22, 2010

Japan court rejects tobacco lawsuit, notes dangers

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I love how this article states that "awareness about the dangers of smoking and 2nd hand smoke is low in Japan". The writer of this article cannot seem to hide his/her predetermined anti-smoking bias.

To put things into perspective, take a look at the life expectancy rate(s) in Japan and Greece, two nations with a much higher smoking rate per capita than the U.S.:

Now ask yourself: How can it be that both Japan and Greece have a higher life expectancy rate than the ban happy U.S.A? Could it be that maybe diet has something to do with it? How could this be if smoking (especially 2nd hand smoke) were so inherently dangerous on its own. Why are people not dropping dead from ETS in these countries? How does anyone in these two countries survive long enough to surpass our own life expectancy rate here at home? If there's anywhere where people should be dropping like flies, it should be in Japan and Greece, but that is not happening.

So much for the dangers of ETS. Something stinks in the anti-tobacco control movement, and it's not the sweet smell of a premium tobacco.